You’ve Got….?

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When I look at mailboxes, I wonder if they too will go the way of obsolescence! With the advent of smart phones, snail mail becomes slow and tedious.  With the touch of a finger, we read texts and messages in real time. About the only thing we get in the box any longer is junk mail, bills, and ads that get thrown into the recycle bin. Now, the mail delivery person is delivering packages, just like UPS and Fedex! Our grandchildren will look at mailboxes and wonder why on earth we kept them around.

Cards and letters cheer

my heart // sent with caring love

Fade away with time


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Trinity of Boxes


Trinity of message boxes // flags waving in the air

Words in an envelope // pictures on a card

Eagerly awaited from loved ones near and far

Post straight and tall // boxes shiny and new

Mailman comes by  daily dropping off the news

Just like me the times have changed…

Very few messages of love or concern

Mostly junk mail playing on what we yearn

Post out of plumb // boxes rusting // now resting on the wall

It’s a different world of bites and bits

Sailing through glass on fiber optics

No need for writing // printing is just fine

Messages in an instant in that virtual mailbox

That never falls and never rusts

Saved on a cloud for a rainy day

Imaginary mail // perhaps a printout

Only memories now of the glory days // left to rust

In that trinity of boxes // on a post // leaning on the wall

Only a matter of time till they meet their demise


Photo: Dwight L. Roth