Today we had lunch and a great visit with some old friends. Dan enjoys beekeeping in his back yard. He built the hive tower from plans he found on the internet. He had some difficulty this spring with the hive swarming up into a tree, but he was finally able to coax them back into the hive. He is hoping they will continue to make honey as seen through the glass window. Each layer has a glass window so he can monitor their progress.

Pure natural sweetness

Organic gold stored in wax

We take a quick peek

Dan and his Bee Hive
Arrival and departure gate

Making Honey Combs

Bee Hives

IPhone Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Black Vulture

Black vulture

sculpted onyx wings spread wide

Not looking for me

Picked up scent of death

floating in the air nearby

Nature’s carrion

Opossum for lunch

Shared by four… each in their turn

Life is short for all

Hung around awhile

then sailed off through tall oak trees

Majestic wingspan

Photos; Dwight L. Roth

Fishing for Lunch

IMG_9878 (2).JPG

Wings spread wide // his focus is clear;
Eyes zeroed in on the salmon in the water;
Talons out // ready for the catch of the day.
Sailing toward the surface like a phantom jet…
Water breaks // the shadowy creature has no chance.
Wings flap // sharp talons close around the fish
Lunch is carried back to the eaglets


Eagle Painting: Dwight L. Roth

The Spider’s Lair

IMG_8318 (2)

Spider’s handiwork

“Hotel California”

Strands glisten in light

He who dares to enter there

Is trapped in her tangled lair

IMG_8313 (2)



Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Thanks to the Eagles for the reference to their song Hotel California

Downey Stops for Lunch


This beautiful bird came by today for lunch at my feeder. Winter birds are always a joy to watch. The Downey Woodpecker is a star. His beauty makes him stand out against the gray woods. The perfection of birds always astounds me! They are one of God’s best creations!

Downey loves my suet

Food for winter energy

Poetry in color





Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Jewels of Summer (Haiku)


My favorite garden vegetable each summer is the tomato. Although it is technically a fruit, I will take it either way.  Nothing beats a great tomato sandwich.  As they ripen in my tiny garden, I think, how beautiful they are and am thankful for these jewels of summer!

Bright reddish orange gems

Tasty summer jewels shining

Waiting to be lunch


Green to red they grow

Tanning in the summer sun

Ripe for the picking

Waiting for Lunch


This painting of a lone egret was painted for our friend Jean, who lives in Alberta. I originally painted a large painting of the same scene. When she saw it she loved it, but it was too big to ship. So I painted a smaller one and packed it in between the clothes in my suitcase, when we traveled to Edmonton.  It is one of the few oils I have done. I usually paint with acrylics. The painting was still in tact when we opened the suitcase. She has it hanging on the wall in her kitchen, and enjoys it every day!

Patiently watching

Unseen critters provide lunch

Reflection follows


Egret Painting: Dwight L. Roth

A Tanaga Poem


Fishers come with hook and beak
Lunch is found in Hammer Creek
One sits dangling on the shore
Heron dives // comes back for more


Frank is challenging us to try the Tanaga form of poetry, for our d’Verse poetry group.  It consists of four lines with seven syllables in each line. It has a rhyming pattern. It usually has no title, since the lines of the verse should make clear what is being said. This is my first attempt at writing a Tanaga poem. The heron in the photo is a Great White Egret. They often nest in the Susquehanna Valley region of Pennsylvania.

Come join us at d’Verse: https://dversepoets.com/

Photos from Hammer Creek near Clay, Pennsylvania. – Dwight L. Roth

She Waits


Web of Death

In her dark tunnel she hides

Lying in wait for the blazing sun

Dew drops clinging to her web

Breathing quietly // with the patience of Job…

Knowing lunch comes as soft breezes blow.

Her web of death // spun for unwitting insects

Entangled in her shimmering threads.

Thin as fiber optics… strong as steel

Once entangled // they are her next meal

From her tunnel of darkness she emerges

Like a horror on the fun-house ride

One venomous bite // and it’s all over

Then she’s back inside


Photo: Dwight L. Roth