Chasing Daylight

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This beautiful Red Shouldered Hawk sat on a limb just beyond the edge of my back yard. The birds at the feeder did not seemed concerned and continued to come and go as usual.  I saw him dive down after a mouse in the weeds. That is how I happened to seem him.

Hawk looking for lunch

Making the most of daylight

Winter Solstice near

Phot: Dwight L. Roth

Frank Tassone  reminded us that we are coming up on the longest/shortest day of the year. This coming Saturday is the Winter Solstice in our hemisphere. Midwinter can only mean one thing… Spring is on the way! Our Haikai poem this week is to refer to midwinter.

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Feeder on the Feeder


When I saw this beautiful raptor land on my bird feeder, I grabbed my camera and began shooting photos. He only stayed for a minute or two; just long enough for me to get these beautiful images for future use in one  of my poems.  I am amazed at the detail in the feathers and the intensity in his eyes. After doing some research, I believe this is a Red Shouldered Hawk. The banded tail feathers one of their distinct features along with his red shoulders.

Magnificent hawk rests on my bird feeder
Not looking for seeds or suet // he’s looking for the other feeders
Perhaps a mourning dove would satisfy his hunger;
But I’m sure he would settle for blue jay or a cardinal.
His hunger will linger for awhile, for all have flown;
Hiding in the shrubs and among cedar limbs.
The squirrels sit high in the trees chattering their warning.
Realizing the element of surprise is gone, he takes flight…
Maybe a field mouse or two will have to do



Photos: Dwight L. Roth

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