Twisted Earth

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People seem to like living on the edge. As the ocean continues to uncover the twisted Earth within, many still build as close to the edge as possible. Houses and Motels perch on the tops of cliffs, knowing full well, that it is only a matter of time until storm, earthquake, or upheaval will cast them into the sea! The Twisted Earth clearly tells its story. We seem to think it won’t happen to us!

In the cauldron of creation earth bubbled and groaned
Ocean floors found new plains above water
Magma and lava mixed with centuries of sediments
Creating geological hard-shell pigs in a blanket
Continents played musical chairs as the fiery magma spewed forth
Furious upheavals folded rock layers into broken saw-tooth ranges
Volcanic dust settled over the plains mixing with sediments
Forming rich black soil that still feeds us to this day
In the cauldron of creation, Earth still bubbles and groans
It is only a matter of time…. The cycle continues…

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Rock formations on the Oregon Coast – Photos: Dwight L. Roth


Are You Really There?


When life begins to implode on you, it is tempting to begin questioning everything you believed. When prayers are not answered and God seems absent, it really sends you for a loop! This is what happened to me many years ago.  In time, all worked out and life got back on track. It was during this time that I wrote this poem.
My God… MY God… Why Have I Forsaken You?
“I will never leave you nor forsake you”
This promise I had learned
Then my God why am I forsaking you
Are you really there?
Is there method to all the madness
or are you just a good feeling
that comes and goes
to those who wish it so
You seem so far away
Too distant to hear my cry
Too removed to feel my pain
Answers don’t come life goes on
mixed with tragedy trouble and heartache
I have lost all hope
My life sits on the edge there’s no one here for me
No one to share the pain
Still I pray…
Are you really there?


Photo Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, HA asked to write a confessional poem that revealed something of ourselves that we may or may not normally have written. I wrote this poem many years ago when, at mid-life, I went through a time when everything in my life seemed to be falling apart!

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Running on Empty


This week my wife told me her car needed gas. She said it was almost empty. I asked her how close it was and she told me the odometer said it had a range of 15 miles! As I headed for the gas station I watched the miles click down to 11 when I finally reached the pump. I wonder sometimes, how many people live their live running on empty with only a range of 15 miles till everything falls apart.  Perhaps that is how we ended up in the great recession we experienced ten years ago.

Struggling to survive

Credit Cards filled to the max

Running on empty


Photo: Dwight L. Roth


Not Born To Be Wild

Silo swingers

Some come out kicking and screaming

Living on the edge all of their life

But that is not me

Cautious and careful is my mantra

Warned by parents // witnessing death

My friend who died swimming across the river

Left a lasting impression

I made my choice to live cautiously

This I have done // for wild for me was not fun

No wild parties // no drunken hangovers

Rock climbing left to those who value life less

What I would consider wild

For most would be insignificant

No regrets // no thrills missed for me

I am thankful I was not // born to be wild


Silo Monkeys Photo: family album

Today Jilly at d’Verse, asked us to take a look at our wild side and write a poem expressing how we live it out.  As a teenager I watched the silo monkeys, in the photo above, extend my uncle’s silo another twelve feet. They tied ropes to the staves and swung around like it was nothing.  I could not imagine doing that.

I could not think of one thing that I have done in my life that was really wild. So I wrote my poem from the perspective of caution.

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Back Alley in Philadelphia 001

One of the hardest questions to answer is why doesn’t God answer my prayer. In the middle of tragedy and loss we wonder why God allows this to happen. When it comes to broken relationships it is easy to feel isolated and alone, thinking no one understands. No one cares about my situation, not even God! But, we are not puppets. We are creatures of freewill and as a result God does not intervene in our choices. Pain and tragedy come and we all seem to go through our struggles. God is there. He still listens and hears our cries. But he does not take us out of troubles he helps us through. If we understand this we can move forward through the darkness to the light of his love.

 I Cry Alone

I cry alone I cry alone for no seems to care

So I cry alone

The depth of hurt I know the knife of pain

Cut deep into my soul when no answers came

I cry alone, I cry alone, for no one seems to care

So I cry alone

I cry but you’re not there I’m all alone

Helpless and empty the pain is always there

So I cry alone

I cry alone, I cry alone, for no one seems to care

So I cry alone

Lord are you really there you seem so far away

My life sits on the edge no one’s here for me

So I cry alone

I cry alone, I cry alone for no one seems to care

So I cry alone

For no one feels the pain    …of what I bear



Back Alley in Philadelphia 001

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Come Fly With Me!!


Where in the world would you travel if you could do so! There are so many interesting places and cultures to choose from. As I worked on this project, it brought back a lot of events and people in history that made me smile! This collection is 24 x 42 inches. A friend of my suggested the travel idea with the suitcases. I liked the idea and this is the result. I was able to use some larger stamps as well as larger blocks of stamps. These are stamps from all over the world!

Come Fly With Me

Come fly the unfriendly skies with me

Together we will see the world

No more snacks or food for free

Just a bag of saltless peanuts

And enough soda to make me pee


Seats so narrow we barely fit

Squeezed tightly and compact we sit

Like Leggos locked in place

We sit there with a smile pasted on our face


Come fly with me in spite of the odds

We’ll see the world together

Our bags will arrive from deep in the hold

Our carry-ons light as a feather


We will be sure to have  lot’s of fun

When we reach our destination

Japan or China or maybe New Zeland

In Rome or Paris or the House of the Rising Sun


In spite of  our tight seats we sit in

It will all be worth the show

At the window seat I’m pinned in

I’ll love it all I know


So come fly with me in New York we’ll meet

And rise above our fears

Float on clouds throughout the years

And fold up all our feet


And if by chance they come slinking

Down the aisle to take my seat

I won’t fight or wiggle or swear

I’ll say thank you my dears

And…”Let me Out of Here!!”


Stamp Art: Dwight L. Roth