Bottom Leaf

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In an everchanging world, I find myself struggling with the way in which things are moving! Life goes on whether I want to come along or not. As I watch the struggles of social groups and see the injustice that has long plagued our country’s history, I wonder where we are headed.  History like politics has very dark times. We can embrace it, be offended by it,  or attempt to deny it, but it will always be there.  As the next generation comes on, I hope they learn from history instead of repeating it.  I pray that we can all learn to live with each other, allowing for our differences in values and beliefs without feeling like we need to impose ours upon everyone around us. Uniqueness has always been our strength!
Sometimes I feel like the bottom leaf of a plant
Birthed from seed // providing sustenance for a time;
Now eclipsed by more recent growth rising above…
Providing new solar sources to feed from…


Obsolete // no longer making that much difference.
Never meant to shine or blossom // I’ve done my job…
Supporting // nurturing new growth and change;


Yet, now that life has grown beyond me,
I am here // drying up at the bottom of the stalk
while growth and reproduction of values and thought
happens above me // in a world very different from mine.

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Birds Give Me Hope


Birds Give Me Hope

When the world around us spins out of control

Feeling all is lost // feeling fear’s on a roll

Just look out the window // watch the birds

Coming and going without a word


Red ones // blue ones // yellow and brown

Eating seeds from the feeder // as some eat off the ground

Songs always follow as they sit on a limb

Raising their voices // like they’re singing a hymn



Watching out for each other with a harsh warning call

Knowing danger to one is danger to all

Some birds are pests // just like us humans

Predators and freeloaders always fuming



But in the end // they all live as one

In their woodland communities when the day is done

Continuing on with nests full of young ones


They have no king //no queen nor president

But they all live together each one is a resident


Too bad we can’t live like birds // caring for our own

Focusing on what’s really important // letting life go on

In the end they seem to realize //there is a place for all

To live // to grow // to follow their call


Take hope from the birds //learn a great lesson

Peace and harmony comes // when we stop the aggression


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Look Inside Change the World


Look Inside Change the World

Life is not about what’s going on in the world

It is about what is going on inside of you

Not about Presidents, marches, or fighting wars

It’s the protesting of our soul’s dark night

The person in control of your inner soul

Seeds of peace start within your heart

Knowing who you are as the world churns

Change the world one person at a time

Knowing God is a choice we make

Can be ignored if we close our mind

It’s not about what is going on out there

It’s allowing God’s love to fill your soul

Flowing through you ignoring the fray

Calm in the storm of swelling tides

Asleep in the boat knowing wherein

Your security lies

Changing the world from a heart at peace

One person at a time

EER_0221.JPGPhotos: Dwight L. Roth