Light in the Darkness


Darkness upon us
The light of the world is born
Winter Solstice comes
A bright new day is dawning
Overcoming our darkness

Photo:Dwight L. Roth

Today on Frank Tassone’s Haikai challenge he asked us to write a poem about the Winter Solstice which will occur this coming week.

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Proving Your Faith


I believe it is contradictory to try to prove faith.  Some go to great lengths to prove that what they believe is right. Endless studies and theological discourses are done trying to disprove everyone else. Some feel if they can disprove evolution, for example that they will have accomplished a great milestone for Creationism. Still others pick and choose proof texts to support their particular beliefs. For me, this proves nothing. The proof of your faith is in living it. If what you say does not match what you do then you have nothing to offer anyone.

Proof is in the living //not in the proving

Faith is not based on proof //rather on belief

Proof is not disproving others

It is living the faith you choose

For it is in living that we convince others

That our words/work is not in vain

Yet we try so hard to convince ourselves we are right

Is it our doubt // or feelings of superiority?

Few are brought to faith by details of theology

Rather by the life of One who has lived selflessly

Faith is not supported by disproving science…

Which is ever changing as knowledge increases

Faith is not proven by what cannot be proven //

Stories of the past or imaginations of the future…

Recorded to uplift and reassure the faithful

Having little to do with drawing others to accept your Truth

Faith is a mystery // believing what can’t be proven

Accepting God’s Love and Grace

Living in that light each day of your life

Loving God //Loving your neighbor //Serving others

Faith is based on Love … not on Proof

Your faith in action becomes

“The Word made Flesh”

Down the Road



At the end of the road when my life is done

What will I find will there be one

Who will meet me there at the pearly gates

With hands outstretched no need to wait

Will he be tall short fat or thin

When he sees me will he break out with a grin

Funny to me how we fantasize

Making God like us as we rationalize

Dreaming that descriptions of hands and face

Describe a reality that has no race

Metaphors become reality as we describe our God

Forgetting he is Spirit and that would be odd

For a Spirit has no shape, no hands to hold tight

Only a presence of the purest light

So whether our God is he she or it

The God we meet will probably not fit

The idea we have in the back of our mind

Won’t it be interesting what we will find

At the end of the road


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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Massanutten Peak


In the heart of the Shenandoah Valley and the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia is Massanutten Peak. Forty eight years ago I attended college in Harrisonburg, Virginia and enjoyed this view from our campus. A couple of weeks ago I went back to attend a memorial service. In the evening, I walked to the top of the hill and sat on a bench next to the water tower,  and watched the light change in the early evening. Here are some of the changes that took place.











Photos:Dwight L. Roth




My faith in God is not something to be proved. Rather it is something to be believed and lived. Faith is a belief about truth, with a little experience that helps reinforce it. I have found faith to be rather elusive at times in my life.

When all is well faith comes easy, but when “life happened”, as it does to all of us, it threw me for a loop! I was spiraling downward fast with no answers in sight.  My prayers went unanswered. Things seemed out of control. There was no way I could fix things. The only thing I had left was faith that God was in control, and things would work out for my good. Even then I had my doubts. I was frustrated and angry.

Through it all, I found prayer was what I needed to change me, not others. In time, and with help from some good counselors, life finally got back on track. I learned a lot about myself and about God. It definitely changed my understanding of faith. A lot of what I thought was faith was mostly culture and religion, but my belief in God and his eternal providence and grace is still strong.

Burning through blackness

Spring sun rises // Dark is light

Grace for the graceless


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Reincarnation of Spirit

IMG_1380.JPGI was inspired today by a piece written by blogger, Ally Mare, that spoke of birth and death as having a magical quality of sorts.  All of it goes on around us, yet we are usually unaware until it happens to us or our family. As I read through his article this thought came to me, that reincarnation is really the spirit we pass on to our children. Our attitudes, our love, our joy and our faith. On the other had the negatives are passed on as well. It brings back the memory of a poem/song I wrote a few years ago called Leave a Legacy of Love. It is so important that we break the cycle of hate and violence in our world. It starts with the attitude of your heart.

Reincarnation of Spirit

As one body dies another is born

Rekindling the spirit within.

The cycle never ceases to go on

Passing on the light of God to our kin.

Some choose to pass on evil and hate

The infection spreads like the flu.

But even this infection you can abate

When the love of God is within you.

As we live our lives from day to day

Let God’s light dwell in your soul.

Knowing this world will be a better place

If you shed all that hate and turmoil.

Think about what you pass on to your children

Is it love or divisive hate?

What spirit will be reincarnated from you//

Think carefully before it’s too late.


Photo: Dwight L. Roth


Capturing Light


I was inspired by this thought, “If you shine light into a box and then close the lid, do you still have light. No, you have darkness rather than light.” Unless you have the source of light in the box you have no light.  I had to think how many times people take what they perceive to be truth and light and metaphorically put it into their own box. So often we find their light no longer shines.  Our prompt for d’Verse~Poetry Pub is take a word and use it symbolically  to mean something else. I chose the word Light;     This is a painting I finished last weekend that I called Capturing Light.

Capturing Light

Ever try capturing light in a box

Close the lid tightly to contain it

Light in a box is a paradox

There’s no source there to maintain it


As you snap the lid shut

Think you have it at last

The rays disappear in an instant

For rays alone do not make light

With rays there’s no way save them


For light you see of every kind

From Rabbi, priest, or committee

Does not come from their simple minds

It comes from a source that’s emitting


Reflecting is all we can ever do

Our creator’s the source of our light

When it comes right down to me and to you

The best we can do is to shine bright


Light is not something to capture and hold

Thinking surely we can improve it

How disappointed we will be

Finding blackness boxed up all through it


Painting: Dwight L. Roth

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Pitch Black


One evening when activities were over it was time to climb back up the ridge to our campsite. I realized I did not have my flashlight. A winding trail led up to the top of the ridge. It was so familiar that I thought I could easily climb it even in the dark. I started off well, but as I got into the trees everything turned pitch black. After stumbling in the dark for some time I finally reached the top of the ridge. I found that walking in darkness is no way to go.

Pitch Black

I thought I knew my way

Followed that trail easily

In the light of day

Could maneuver it with my eyes shut

Now in the dark of night

Only islands of flickering light

Fade in the distance

Where I must go is pitch black

There is no light t’was left behind

A winding dark trail in my mind

Only a blind man could traverse

Without light in hand

I confidently walk into pitch black

Heading for the top of the ridge

By the first turn the picture fades

The trail begins to change course

Stumbling and falling hands outstretched

Rocks reveal I’m not on the trail

Branches sting my face

Feeling my way I climb on

Like a blind man who lost his cane

Moving through bushes

Not seeing a thing

Night sounds surround me

As blind tree frogs sing

Stumbling in the darkness

A glimmer of light flickers up ahead

No time to stop I’ve reached the top

What one sees in daylight

Turns quite different in the dark

Pitch black surrounds you

The trail is obscure

Where there is no light

Always walk in the Light


Photos: Dwight L. Roth