What Lies Beneath

EER_1049 (3)

Invisible lines
Demarcations of the heart
Oblivious to some
Rigidly held by others
Impositions for many
Deadly for others
Marked // labeled // branded for life
Cast systems remain
Rivers of entitlement
Flow just beneath the surface
Paradigm shift starts
Parana of injustice
Caught from time to time

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

I used a repeated Tanka format for this poem.




How interesting the labels we choose

Avoiding race color religion to be politically correct

Profiling is the ultimate sin of the day

Yet down deep within our mind thinks another way

Labeling  seems part of our DNA

Perhaps residuals from Eden’s cursed plight

Competitive urges and the atrocity of being right

Labels of diversity the demise of our society

Division and turmoil bring down the mighty

Mass shootings beheadings and suicide vests

All sanctioned to support our truth’s litmus test

But… When it comes to money the tables are turned

We see labels each day with every channel turned

Pharmacies reap whirlwinds with their witches brew

Labels and ads designed to target me and you

With new names starting with X and J

Made up names than no one can say

Every personality has accompanying disorders

TV commercials spew out drugs to order

Some just might kill you but who knows for sure

Ask your doctor you know his motives are pure

New labels for normal people we’ve always been this way

Money making charlatans create new labels that pay

Got rid of cigarette ads and alcohol too

Replaced them with drugs legit just for you

Don’t worry if they kill you or cause violent reaction

There’ll be a new one tomorrow with a different concoction