Little Boys…Big Dreams

Wright Brothers Memorial 001 (2)

A memorial to the Wright Brothers;
Young men with dreams of flying.
The beginning of something
greater than themselves
with a giant monument of stone,
high on Jockey’s Ridge
in North Carolina.
Little boy visits and wonders
what it would take to
be remembered
with a monument of Stone.
It takes dreams
and the courage to live them out;
It takes someone to inspire
to encourage
to believe the impossible.


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Dedicated to my son, who always believed he could fly!

Impressively Unimpressed

Wright Brothers Memorial 001

Kitty Hawk (a Haibun)

Years ago we climbed the dune at Kitty Hawk, NC to visit the Wright Brother’s Monument. It was a fun time with our young boys. I am amazed how far we have come since that first flight on matchsticks and canvas!

Impressive granite

monument  // rising bird wings

Young man unimpressed


Photo of the Wright Brother’s Museum: Dwight L. Roth