Why Poets Write…


This amazing spider created a web outside my bedroom window. I noticed it today as I was heading around the house to my garden. It stopped me in my tracks and sent me back inside to get my camera. This is what we hope to do as we write poetry. We hope that a line or a thought will make someone stop in their tracks as they read. Only a few people read our poetry, but the hope is that those who do will be inspired and challenged by our words. The spider does not catch all the bugs, but he does catch a few. The few are enough to draw his nourishment and give him strength. This is what poetry does for us as well.

Why Poets Write…

Writing poetry is often like painting….

Not valuable until a century later

Still we write…hoping to connect

With that tweak of imagination

That will light a spark in someone else

We write for the same reason spiders spin


Weaving intricate webs of beauty

Hoping to entangle the imagination

Of one poor soul who might wander in

Creating that one line that will snag them


Stop them in their tracks

Inject them with stunning venom…

That one line that can change a life



Photos: Dwight L. Roth


Eyes That See

Dwight at Okracoke

Eyes That See

Open the eyes of your mind

To see what is trying to peek in

Creativity begins there

Imagining seeing with an architect’s view

Grabbing the flicker coercing a flame

Starting with a glint creating a diamond

Open the eyes of you mind

Envision realities yet to be

Let them ruminate through the labyrinth

Collecting body forming a foundation

Visions of visions embedded in confidence

Evolving into being like the breath of God

Creating from nothing something of beauty

Seeing is believing with open eyes

Knowing what you see with your mind’s eye

Can become reality and form

Words you write can become visions

Inspiring others to see and believe

They too can create with open eyes


Photo: Ruth A. Roth