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It may seem the waiting is is driving us bonkers.  We are asked to stay at home and not gather with our friends or extended family.  But, instead of feeling trapped, find freedom in what’s going on all around. Spring  is bursting forth in all its glory. It doesn’t wait for any virus. Count your blessings, open your eyes, and know this too shall pass.

Sometimes we must wait

For this endless train to pass

Enjoy Spring beauty

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Hurry Up and Wait

Shelby Mustang

Sitting in traffic

Engines revving all around

Patience a virtue

Passing me in the right lane

Still must wait // line not moving


Traveling the interstate is great when everything is moving right along. But when it becomes wall to wall traffic and slowing down to a crawl it is a test of everyone’s patience. Today was one of those days. Stop and go with people trying to pass on the right. I call it hurry up and wait!  Sometime you have to go with the flow even if it’s slow.

Photo: Dwight L. Roth


Like a Bull in a China Closet

Wall street bull

Bull in the China Closet

Like a bull in a china closet

We go through our life

Rushing head on into the next event

Never stopping to look back

Or forward to consider the end

Impatient at stop lights and food lines

Driving on bumpers cutting people off

Muttering under our breath

Speaking our opinions

Never thinking about the collateral damage

Nose stuck in our phones

Like the woodpecker in the toothpicks

Over and over again

Gleaning little of substance between our head-bobbing

Like a space craft heading into the abyss

We hurl forward into the black hole

Filled with invisible dark matter

Of radio waves and wireless technology

Artificial intelligence embedding itself

Replacing what few brain cells we have left

Denying the inevitable crash


Photo of the Wall Street Bull: Wikipedia