He’s Gone!

Inhaling smoke from your flame

Burning in the heat of the moment

You were warned, you were told

Did you listen? No!

Now you will burn

Like flash paper in a magician’s hand

Combustible feelings up in smoke

That mind-blowing moment gone

Your all-consuming desire

Not quite what you expected

Leaving ashes for memories

Dust in the wind

He’s gone!

Painting: Dwight L. Roth

Sticks and Stones

EER_0194 (2)

Sticks and Stones will break my bones
But names will never hurt me
Sticks and Stones will break my bones
And words will hurt me even more
Bones heal
Remembered from time to time
Words leave scars on the soul
Indelible marks
Never erased
Perhaps forgiven

Be careful what you say…

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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Let Them Go


Some phases of our life
die by our choosing…
hoping not to be resurrected!
Letting go of the past is not easy
Hurts and pain fit so nicely
In our backpack of memories
They seem to ride along with us
Like old trusted friends
Always there to make us feel
Superior to all those in our life
Who have wronged us
But those times and people
From our past need to be let go
Those memories are not our friends
They only weigh us down
Some phases of our life
need to die
By our own choosing


Photo: Dwight L. Roth



Why do we store away the traumatic events of our life? For some, they are just memories of past events. Others store their injuries and pain like treasures in the attic. They no longer have any useful purpose in life, but the lack of forgiveness keeps them alive and tender. It becomes our personal Pandora’s box that no one wants to open. We all know it will only be a review of past pain, that no one but a psychiatrist wants to hear. Time to clean out the attic and let go of things that continue to haunt us. Forgiveness doesn’t take away the memory or the hurt, but it takes away the necessity of reliving it over and over again.


Dwelling on collections of the past

Memories never moving for many years

Stuck, reliving events that won’t go away

Collecting dust of regrets

Stimulating coughs and sneezes

In anyone who dares stir

Attics for old treasures long remembered

For some, treasures of hurt and pain

Treasured to nurse pity and sorrow

Dusty old treasures of the mind

Blade twisting each time

Pandora’s box

Avoided by all

Only to be opened after death

Some better left for ashes




Wonderful utterances lighting the mind

Reaching into the soul driving emotions

Running down memory’s path with lightning speed

Synapses fusing past and present


Stirring our inner being

Springs of love and hate

Driving actions seemingly beyond our control

Bringing together pushing apart


Expressions of kindness

The balm of the soul from deep wells within

The water of life healing springs that ease the pain

Of loneliness rejection and loss


Triggers of desire and attraction

Turning on spigots of hormones

Flooding emotion drowning reason

Bathing in pools of mutual oneness


Whips and chains that bind the soul

Dashing hopes crushing dreams

Ruining self-confidence stealing security

Evil words from the pit of hell


Defining human kind

Separating animal from man

Allowing expression of mind and spirit

Finding common bonds and mutual sharing

In ways only God knows


Pboto: Dwight L. Roth

Ego vs. Self-respect


When someone takes advantage of me I become reactionary. I feel hurt and want to demand my rights. I am ready to stand my ground and say whatever comes into my head.  As the stalemate continues, bitterness entangles my spirit and enhances my feeling of entitlement. When my ego takes over self-respect takes a back seat.  In the end,  I do or say things I later regret. So, what is the solution?

Ego vs. Self-respect

Offence committed

Feeling hurt

Debt owed still unpaid

Ego demands respect

Rights and entitlement

Adrenalin pumping

Brain fog of bitterness

But wait…

It’s not all about me

Someone else’s choices

Egos and resistance

Complicate the mix

Understanding needed

Forgiveness brings freedom

Debt canceled paid in full

Mind at ease

Ego back in the cage

Now I can look in the mirror

Sticks and Stones



 One thing that I find disturbing is when parents talk ” junk” about their children. Apparently they don’t realize what they are stamping into those little beautiful heads that they brought into this world.  Labeling them as “the mean one” or “the dumb one” or “the bad one” is so destructive and will be with them all their life!  The Sticks and Stones poem is a farce. Words make a difference.

Sticks and Stones will break your bones

But names will never hurt you


Sticks and Stones will break my bones

And words will hurt me even more

Bones heal

Remembered from time to time

Words leave scars on the soul

Indelible marks

Never erased

Perhaps forgiven

But, always there

Just like it was yesterday

My Little Bag of Stones


What do you do with your anger when you feel mistreated? Do you explode and let out all of your frustrations hoping to make peace later? Or, do you internalize your feelings and find them coming out in passive aggressive ways? This poem speaks to the second way of dealing with these feelings. It uses the concept of collecting stones of hurt to use at some later time to throw back at the one who caused the pain, or in some cases at anyone who might be in your path.

My Little Bag of Stones                                      

My little bag of stones all shiny and smooth

Serves me very well when I am hurt

Little memories stashed away

Some are small some are large

Traumatic events harsh words stabs of pain

All tucked neatly into my little bag

Waiting for just the right time

Displaced anger dysfunctional relationships

Objects of wrath inflicting pain

Lashing out with subtle intent

Trying to compensate for past mistakes


Stones saved neatly in the bag

Passive aggression stored for the future

Never finding satisfaction totally depressed

Weighing me down

Always carrying my heavy load

In my little bag of stones










I Cry Alone

The music group R.E.M. wrote a song called Everybody Hurts, in which the video depicts the ways people struggle with pain and depression. Depression is an implosion of the soul that leaves one feeling destitute of spirit and all alone. I wrote the following poem as a song,  when I was at one of those points in my life. Sometimes the only thing that helps one hold on is when another person stands with us quietly caring. Words of help, quoting Bible verses,  and solutions to fix us only make us feel worse. The most important thing is to be there in the aloneness. Listen to the video if you care to and read my poem to get some insight into what is really happening. The Pslamist spoke of walking through the valley of death. This was one of those times.

I cry alone I cry alone for no seems to care

So I cry alone

The depth of hurt I know the knife of pain

Cut deep into my soul when no answers came

I cry alone, I cry alone, for no one seems to care

So I cry alone

I cry but you’re not there I’m all alone

Helpless and empty the pain is always there

So I cry alone

I cry alone, I cry alone, for no one seems to care

So I cry alone

Lord are you really there you seem so far away

My life sits on the edge no one’s here for me

So I cry alone

I cry alone, I cry alone for no one seems to care

So I cry alone

For no one feels the pain    …of what I bear