W.A. Pattillo Torn Down 2-2000 001

In September of 1999 Hurricane Floyd came through

With a deluge of water flooding the land

The Tar River expanded filling every classroom

The school I had taught in swam in six feet of water

What came next was wet books, mold and YUCK!

As you can see the results of Hurricane Floyd devastated Eastern North Carolina. I retired from teaching the year before after being at this school for the past twenty years. Being only a mile away from the river, we were on the high side of the flood plane. After receiving twelve inches of rain in two days, there was nowhere for the water to go. The old school was torn down and a new two-story building was built on the site. With block, concrete, and steel, it should be able to survive another flood if needed.

This past September Hurricane Florence came and sat on Wilmington, NC for three days dumping rain all over the surrounding region. Seems like Hurricanes, flooding, yucky mold, and mildew are part of choosing to live on the East Coast of North and South Carolina.

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Evening Rainbow

IMG_3155 (2).JPG

I saw this beautiful rainbow when I arrived at choir practice this evening. I decided it was worth being late in order to capture these photos. With a hurricane coming our way tomorrow everyone grows concerned. In spite of the storm, people of faith believe that God is in control of all that happens. The rainbow is a representation of his love and grace in our life!

Evening rainbow glows

reminding us who’s in charge

just before the storm

Hurricane Florence churns off the coast

All rainbows gone tomorrow


IMG_3153 (2).JPG


IMG_3156 (2)

iPhone Photos: Dwight L. Roth