Clown Eyes

Little green tree frog

Clowning on my sliding door

Cute Clown eyes peaking

Out of the blue … lightning strikes!

Eyes bulge to tenth the power!!

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse. Lisa asked us to write a poem using the word Clown. I have no first hand knowledge of Clowns, so I decided to clown around with my poem which I wrote in Tanka form. Hope it makes you smile!

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Bag Lady Facelift


The bag lady’s having a facial

Without warm mud or hot oil

It’s with hammer and nails

Hitting her finger she wails

But don’t worry, it all superficial


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

A silly little limerick humor for your day!

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Big Blow…

Trump forcast (2)
Dorian blew through
Spent time in the Bahamas
Wreaked havoc on all
A windstorm like no other
Finally headed up the coast
President misspoke
Drew lines clear to Alabam’
New Media jumped on it
Over and over they slammed
Dorian crept on
Ocracoke and Hatteras
Storm surge rolled inland
Never did reach Alabam’
Headed on to Newfoundland
President’s drawing
Still making news every day
Does anyone care
News Media won’t let it go
Trump’s sketch book making history

Our Haikai prompt from Frank Tassone today is windstorm. As we watched Hurricane Dorian take its time moving out of here, we are in awe of the damage mother nature can do when a huge hurricane moves through! In the middle of it all, the News Media made a big adieu of President Trumps home-made prediction. that it could possibly go inland as far as Alabama. His hand drawn sketch should have been taken with a grain of salt. Instead, the news broadcasts making drama will help it go down in the history books! How silly!!! This is my attempt at Renga humor about it all.

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Picture from Bing images


Creative Sense of Humor

EER_0256 (2)

Traveling on our route to the Black Forest we passed through a small village. As we came aroung the bend, there smiling at us were faces carved into the large shrubry.  As we went on, we came to another house with a weird elephant painted on the side facing the road. It had one high eye and one low eye and a little gold crown floating above his head. It is always good to see people who enjoy a good sense of humor as much as I do.

Life is short

Make the world a happy place

Be bold // create smiles

CIMG_0488 (2).jpg

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Flyin’ Chicken

EER_0376 (3)

When we visited our hometown last fall we passed this restaurant. It held my interest for two reasons. It has a very unusual name for a restaurant and I have a grandson named Aidan! I had to get a photo of it to bring back with me. Hope you enjoy my humorous poem.

Aiden’s Flyin’ Chicken

Chicken flyin’ // chicken flippin’
And every one just right for pickin’
Landin’ right in the frying pan
Ready for a hungry hardworkin’ young man
EER_0369 (3).JPG
Right next to Sam’s bar // Cheer the Steelers near and far
But if you drink too much you won’t find your car
Best get your lotto ticket and skip the bar
Daily specials // Open till 10
If you like it you will certainly be back again

EER_0374 (2)

Photos of Aiden’s Flyin’ Chicken in Uniontown, PA.  – Dwight L. Roth

What’s Up?

Earth Rise.jpg

If, when we die,
we go up to heaven…
Do folks in the Southern Hemisphere
go down?
And when we travel
out in space…
Do we go up or down?
Up seems only valid
when there is
an Earth that grounds us…
Looking up!

Earth Rise Painting: Dwight L. Roth

Quadrille Monday…   Today, at d”Verse, De Jackson asked us to consider the word up. I decided to attempt to add a bit of humor to my Quadrille of only 44 words.

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Come Fly With Me!!


Where in the world would you travel if you could do so! There are so many interesting places and cultures to choose from. As I worked on this project, it brought back a lot of events and people in history that made me smile! This collection is 24 x 42 inches. A friend of my suggested the travel idea with the suitcases. I liked the idea and this is the result. I was able to use some larger stamps as well as larger blocks of stamps. These are stamps from all over the world!

Come Fly With Me

Come fly the unfriendly skies with me

Together we will see the world

No more snacks or food for free

Just a bag of saltless peanuts

And enough soda to make me pee


Seats so narrow we barely fit

Squeezed tightly and compact we sit

Like Leggos locked in place

We sit there with a smile pasted on our face


Come fly with me in spite of the odds

We’ll see the world together

Our bags will arrive from deep in the hold

Our carry-ons light as a feather


We will be sure to have  lot’s of fun

When we reach our destination

Japan or China or maybe New Zeland

In Rome or Paris or the House of the Rising Sun


In spite of  our tight seats we sit in

It will all be worth the show

At the window seat I’m pinned in

I’ll love it all I know


So come fly with me in New York we’ll meet

And rise above our fears

Float on clouds throughout the years

And fold up all our feet


And if by chance they come slinking

Down the aisle to take my seat

I won’t fight or wiggle or swear

I’ll say thank you my dears

And…”Let me Out of Here!!”


Stamp Art: Dwight L. Roth



My Least Favorite Place


Where is your least favorite place to go? For me it is the dentist. While at the dentist one day I had a conversation with the hygienist while waiting for the inevitable drilling! I have always had sad experiences when it comes to my teeth. This humorous poem is one way I make light of the psychological and physical pain. A smile for your day!

The Thrill of the Needle & Drill

Here I sit in the dentist’s chair

Waiting for my gum to get numb

It’s a place I avoid for the needles and pain

Are some things from which I run

When the needle went in I did not feel a thing

But the idea still makes me cringe

My mind goes berserk and the memories kick in

Each time I see that syringe

I sat in the chair getting numb to my hair

Awaiting Dr. Hudson’s return

I wait there in dread feeling numb in my head

Helpless with a faraway yearn

Passing the time till the dreaded encounter

The hygienist jokingly said

Since you’re numb in the head and everything’s dead

Your nose could be pierced instead

We talked of tattoos and ear piercings too

Growing old will be a wild wonder

When all those tattoos we love when they’re new

Get pulled and all stretched asunder

How odd to me what some people go through

Piercings extreme pain just to be blue

Arms legs and nipple rings too

And in places you mama never knew

“Ah,” I told her, “That pain’s not for me

My threshold is way too low

When I want to suffer and be tortured and bled

I go to the dentist instead.”


Photo: Dwight L. Roth