Where Were You?


Alan Jackson wrote this song after 9-11 reflecting on that terrible day when so many innocent people died in the collapse of the Twin Towers.  Today at d’verse, we were supposed to take a poem we wrote about 9-11 from our past writings about the event and lift some lines or words that could be used as a prompt for a poem today. Since I never wrote any poems about 9-11, I am barrowing Allen Jackson’s song “Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning”.

When the news broke that a plane hit the tower

I was on a ladder working on a chimney that September day

A phone call informed me and my world stopped turning

I felt compelled to go home and watch the news

Soon after I sat down to watch.  the second plane hit

Stunned // I watched as people ran for their lives

While first responders rushed into the inferno to help

My world literally stopped turning again as I watched

The first tower // then the second tower collapse and fall

White powder from pulverized concrete billowed everywhere

How could anyone do such horrific acts against fellow human beings?

When heroic acts brought down the third plane in Pennsylvania

The world stopped turning for many people whose loved ones

Lost their lives in the misguided attacks

I wondered how anyone could forgive such actions

Then I reflected on the horrific crucifixion  of Jesus

As he cried out in his agony // Father forgive them

For they know not what they do.

Faith, Hope,  and Love

Are the good things he gave us

But the greatest is Love!


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What would you do if you were driving down the road and saw an accident happen? This week a team of high school football players and their coach, on their way home from a game, saw the car in front of them lose control and flip over right in front of them. In the car an elderly couple were trapped and could not get out.  The boys and their coach stopped to help. They all pushed on the car, lifting it high enough to get the man out, and then they freed the woman as well.

The week before a teacher in the classroom threw a basketball at a school shooter to distract him. As a result the teacher was shot and wounded and the shooter taken into custody.

What does it take to do a selfless act. It takes courage. Courage is not something you plan for, but rather something that you do when circumstances call for it.


Courage often unplanned // shows itself upon demand

When bursts of adrenaline flow in waves

Demanding response // and action to save

Seeing others in vulnerable life-threatening positions

Knowing life and death stands between me and split seconds

Would I have the courage to take a stand…

Jump in harm’s way to lend a hand


No one knows how they would react

Overriding fear // having their back

Risking life and limb for ones fellow man

Becoming the hero when adrenaline demands


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Thanks to Ali Grimshaw’s blog post that I read today, for the inspiration for this poem. Please check out her post as well:

Courage rides the train

Feet of Clay



Today I watched as the Media was all over the story of Tiger Woods getting a DUI. I thought how sad that we turn like Parana’s to tear down our heroes when they fail to measure up to our expectations. What gives us the right to judge others and their motives. This seems to be true across the board. The Media is always ready to feed us our fix of salacious gossip!  Perhaps it is us who are to blame for feeding on this trash!

Feet of Clay

How often we find

Our heroes have feet of clay

That pedestal we put them on

Does not always keep them there

Sports heroes Religious leaders and Celebrities

Spouses children and best friends

In time all fall short

Don’t be disillusioned when this occurs

We all fall short from time to time

Amazing how the salacious makes the news

While the good we do remains buried in the file

When you’re ready to become judge and jury

Remember the words of Jesus:

“Let him without sin cast the first stone!”


Photos: Dwight L. Roth