I’ve been told that the largest sex organ in the body is your brain. Hooked on dopamine naturally flowing in my blood, I have found this to be true. Without the brain game everything else falls flat. As I think back on our days during mid-life, many wonderful memories come to mind. Fantasy and imagination are wonderfully erotic. Sharing this with the one I love has been an experience like no other.

Heat of passion burns

Wearing gold herring bone necklace

And nothing more


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Saana asked us to consider erotic poetry in literature. She asked us to try our hand at writing a classy erotic poem. I decided to do a Haibun that recounts a favorite image and memory for me. I took this photo many years ago. It has long since faded to orange, so I changed it to black and white.

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He’s Gone!

Inhaling smoke from your flame

Burning in the heat of the moment

You were warned, you were told

Did you listen? No!

Now you will burn

Like flash paper in a magician’s hand

Combustible feelings up in smoke

That mind-blowing moment gone

Your all-consuming desire

Not quite what you expected

Leaving ashes for memories

Dust in the wind

He’s gone!

Painting: Dwight L. Roth

Walking over Fire

Nik Wellanda 2

Seems people are always pushing the limits. Today Nik Wallenda did a tightrope across an active volcano in Nicaragua. Gas and heat surrounded him as he crossed the wire. He made it safely across this time!

Watching tightrope walk

Over a live Volcano

What is he thinking!


Bing entertainment photo

The Sweet Chill

Ice Tea photo

Smooth and cold you slid over my warm tongue
Chilling everything around that you touch
Yet when you feel my warmth you go to tears
How hard your core when left out in the cold
Waiting to melt that hard exterior
Frigid until finding that drink we all love
Changing states // floating in your own essence
Bringing pleasure to young and old alike
Cooling the heat // bringing a chill // you will
Bring pure pleasure on a hot summer day
Smooth as you melt on my tongue // sweet iced tea
Ice cubes filling the glass

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse Gina asked us to consider the common ordinary things of life and write a poem describing them. I chose the common ordinary ice cube that we put in our glass every day never once thinking about its make up or wat it does for us. Taking it, and all of life for granted we tend to miss some of the small ordinary things like ice cubes.

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