Sometimes we might think

we are simply grains of sand

Stretched out across the beach of life

feeling powerless…

unable to render // help

or change the world around us…

Until // heat and the pressures of life

surround our soul

bringing us together

with many others…


into a solid mass of rock

which // in the right hands //

can be shaped // carved // or built upon

in ways that change the world


Photos: Dwight L. Roth






If someone could slice through the layers of your life

I wonder what they’d find

Foundations layers of love and affection

Or layers of anger hate poverty and want


Sedimentary layers of good things that happened

Layers that can be shaped and formed into objects of beauty

Metamorphic layers born of  life’s heat and pressure

Leaving marbled layers of the past forever  fused on its face

Diamonds and gems over time become cherished beauty

Polished on many facets by love and care that came after

Igneous layers of fuming emotion exploding out of control

Seething from deep within expelled by injustices done

Revealing the hard times that shape and mold

Cooling slowly forming geodes of hidden crystals

Yes the layers in our soul are just like those in the rocks

Formed over millions of years of molding and change

Layers giving us character and value as we age


Photos: Dwight L. Roth