The King

Fearsome and beautiful you sit on my rail

Letting me know you are the king

Birds disappeared on arrival

No lunch from my feeder today

As you contemplate your next move

Your eyes hold a Covid loneliness

One of isolation and sadness

Exquisite creature, do you feel our pain

Or is the lonely soaring life

Your everyday normal


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Grace asked us to us personification in our poem. Hawks are such magnificent creatures. I love when they come and visit me from time to time. This one was much closer than most, asserting his dominance of the territory perched next to my bird feeder. I can almost tell what he is thinking as he rests on my deck rail.

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Today // I sat and watched a hawk
come sailing through the trees

Pushed by the wind he picked up speed
Wings folded back flying like a bullet

Lifting to ride on the March winds
Dipping diving // circling lifting
calling raspy notes to his mate

Today // first day of spring…
My mind soared in freedom

with every sweeping pass


D.L Roth Photos


Feeder on the Feeder


When I saw this beautiful raptor land on my bird feeder, I grabbed my camera and began shooting photos. He only stayed for a minute or two; just long enough for me to get these beautiful images for future use in one  of my poems.  I am amazed at the detail in the feathers and the intensity in his eyes. After doing some research, I believe this is a Red Shouldered Hawk. The banded tail feathers one of their distinct features along with his red shoulders.

Magnificent hawk rests on my bird feeder
Not looking for seeds or suet // he’s looking for the other feeders
Perhaps a mourning dove would satisfy his hunger;
But I’m sure he would settle for blue jay or a cardinal.
His hunger will linger for awhile, for all have flown;
Hiding in the shrubs and among cedar limbs.
The squirrels sit high in the trees chattering their warning.
Realizing the element of surprise is gone, he takes flight…
Maybe a field mouse or two will have to do



Photos: Dwight L. Roth

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Neighborhood Visitor


When I looked out the window this morning my neighborhood Red Shouldered Hawk was sitting in the willow tree. I am sure he was looking for breakfast. He hid himself in the branches until he saw me moving in the window with my camera. He flew over to the neighbors fence where I was able to get a few more shots before he flew back into the woods. Poetry in motion… No words needed! (One Reader suggested that it might be a Cooper’s Hawk.)








Beauty is just outside your window if you will only open the shades!

Photos: Dwight L. Roth



My squirrel saga continues. After two months of no squirrels showing up at my feeder, one started coming back. The other day when I looked out I saw him eating and was surprised to see what looked like pretty severe flesh wound on his back. As you can see, it was deeper than just a surface scratch. My guess is he is part cat and has used up one of his nine lives. I think he more likely escaped from a hawk that had him in its talons. It did not seem to slow him down. He acted like nothing had happened.

Lesson to be learned from a wounded Squirrel:

Don’t let your wounds slow you down

or keep you from moving toward your goal in life.

Photo: Dwight L. Roth


Edit:  After posting a reader suggested it may be a wound from a bot fly whose larva uses the squirrel as its host. Check it out on






Red Tail Hawk


When a Red Tail Hawk landed on my rail, I had to get a photo. It sat there looking at me as I eased my way out the sliding door and down onto the steps shooting photos. I decided to write an acrostic poem about my experience.

Red Tail Hawk resting on my deck rail

nothing to do but primp and fluff

Eying me carefully as I pull back the screen

wondering what’s up

Drawing me in with his watchful eye

as the shutter clicks and birds fly by


Tell me big red what are you thinking

as you enter into my world

Are you not afraid

but then why would you be

I am the one with reservations

as I enter your space totally aware

Long talons could do great damage

to my face. my arms, my body or my hair


How long will you sit there staring at me

through that emerald cast eye

Am I friend or foe will it be fight or flight

as I slowly creep by

Will you leave undaunted by my stare

looking for doves from your perch up there

Keeping me always in your gaze

as you walk my runway rail

fluffing and primping your red tail