59 Dodge Classic

57 Dodge (2).jpg

While waiting at the red light this evening, I saw this beautiful 59 Dodge pull up beside me. I had to get a photo of this immaculately clean restoration. I have not seen one of these cars in over fifty years. It appeared to be restored to its original detail.

Summer evening drive

1959 Dodge hardtop

Fine restoration


57 Dodge 3.jpg

iPhone Photo: Dwight L. Roth

One of my blogger friends noted that the car is a 59 model not a 57!  I went back and checked and the 59 model had the grills on the fin and the color that matched. The one I saw had cream instead of white on the body.


Some of you are old enough to remember when Ford Thunderbirds were full size cars.  This 58 Thunderbird sitting in the yard rusting away is a reminder that we all will outlive our usefulness. Glory does not last forever. People get old and cars rust away, neglected in the yard. I saw this beautiful old car sitting in the grass as I passed by and wondered what kind of stories it could tell. The same is true of old folks sitting in their chair or living in the rest home. Oh, the stories they could tell, if only someone would ask and take time to listen to their tales.  What car did you drive in 1958?


58 Thunderbird rusting in the yard

Grass tall around wide white wall wheels

Front dentures missing

Blind in both dark sunken eyes

Skin fading in the scorching sunlight

One time a masterpiece of its creator

Now wasting away neglected and still

Oh the stories it could tell

300 hp 352 cc engine glasspack mufflers

Four barrel carburetor drinking gas like a fish

Lovers in bucket seats riding into the sunset

Duel exhausts Chrome Grille Duel headlights

Pulling up to the light looking next door

Challenging them with engine roar and squealing tires

Black marks on pavement ten feet long

Leaving challengers in the dust

This phoenix could rise from the rust

A master’s hands could bring it back

But for now it sits alone and neglected

Destiny yet undetermined


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Reposted from last year for those who have not read this post.