It’s not a Cliché


Say I Love You

Don’t let a day go by without love

A word a smile a touch

Given over and over again

Like you favorite song it never grows old

Don’t let a day go by without love

One never knows what is to come

Breath takes only seconds to leave

The soul takes rise the body and is gone

Say I love you with a smile

Don’t let a day go by without love

A helping hand a word of encouragement

Light and fire to revive and lift the soul

Bring joy and happiness to all

Show you care say it with love

Don’t let a day go by without love

No matter how you feel

What’s said in anger pierces the heart

Draining out love’s reserves

Words of love are saved in the heart

Remembered for ever treasured gifts

Don’t let a day go by without love


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Spiritual Orgasm


Spiritual Orgasm

Guitar picker and Banjo picker

Conductor and Orchestra

Child Performer and Proud Parent

Choir Director and Choir

Preacher and Sinner

Mountain Climber and Panorama

The result is still that same burst of chemicals

Lightning flashing orgasms of pure pleasure

Coursing like a runaway train through your brain

 Brain explosion dopamine rush a natural high

Electrifying body, soul, and spirit

A union of kindred minds

Coming together in unmatchable synchronous pleasure

Penetrating spirits ecstatic joy

Blending in melodious harmony

Riding the crescendo letting it go

Ending in breathless laughter or unexplainable tears

Knowing something unrepeatably special just occurred 

Whether between Finite and Eternal

 Male and Female

It is all the same

Ending in breathless laughter


and sometimes tears


Photo: Dwight L. Roth



The Declaration of Independence includes the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In a world where many look out for #1, I would propose that the happiness we so often pursue comes not from what we get, but from what we give. I have found that some of the greatest joys in my life have come from helping others. In extending God’s grace to others we receive it back many times over in the rewards we experience. The loneliest people in the world only look out only for themselves.


Life is not just about you

It is about sharing and understanding

Others have helped you arrive

At your place of success or joy

Happiness lives just beyond us

In the joy and success of others

Our families our children our friends

Those we help those we serve

Beyond the welded view of digital media

A community of support interacting

Encouraging building one another up

An open hand a willing heart

Sharing grace and love to the helpless

Recognizing our neighbor in need

Loving our children and families

Holding others dear and indispensable

It is about all of us working together

To make our world a better place

Life is not just about you


Photo: Dwight L. Roth



What does it take to be happy? A big house, a fancy car, and lots of money?  I drive past this house every week and find the posted gate along the road to be quite interesting. The huge house and fine grounds is beautiful yet very uninviting. The No Tresspassing signs and cameras let me know I am not welcome. I decided to write a poem debating who is happier, me or them? See what you think.


Those with little have little to lose

Living hand to mouth is not what they choose

A house to live in with a lock on the door

A car in the drive and nothing more

A welcome mat that invites friends in

To stop a moment and share where they’ve been

No fences no gates just lots of green grass

Where friends can play when they get out of class

What a contrast to those who have more

Behind locked gates with signs on the door

With cameras and lights  they watch from a distance

Guns in the closet if they face resistance

Posted it reads you are not welcome here

Don’t come through our gate we don’t want you near

When we have more we fear your approach

Worried  and frightened that you might encroach

Some don’t want the likes of you around

They appear afraid you will soil their ground

So, let them stay behind their gate

Worried and anxious about their fate

We’re happy with our freedom and the little we’ve got

We work hard and enjoy friends in our back lot






The Oil of Gladness


The first time I recall hearing the term oil of gladness was when I was a child in church. It is a term used in the Psalms and in the KJV* that means an ongoing  outflowing of joy, happiness, and blessing in ones life.  I love the term because it is oil that lubricates, reduces friction, and keeps things running smoothly. I believe it is the joy and happiness in a person’s life that is the oil of gladness that blesses others and draws them into relationship with each other.

The Oil of Gladness

Ever try celebrating when no one cares?

A big event a great surprise

Yet no one seems phased

Inside you are jumping up and down

Outside you are sliding on a splintered board

Surrounded by arthritic emotions

The oil of gladness

A necessary part of healthy living

Sharing joy with those who rejoice

Finding happiness in well-earned success

The oil of gladness

Celebrating with the child who comes in second

Eating over-baked cookies with a smile

Finding joy in the little things of life


The oil of gladness

Makes every day run smoother

Seals relationships with a lasting bond

Love begins and ends

With the oil of gladness


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

You love righteousness and hate wickedness; Therefore God, Your God, has anointed You With the oil of gladness more than Your companions. NKJV