Opinion and Truth

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In today’s divided society, with cameras everywhere, no one wants to wait for the system to do its job. We all have our opinions about what we are fed on the News Media. Some believe everything and others believe none of it. Protests and riots occur immediately when incidents happen. When we are given only half of the truth, we tend to accept it as the whole truth. This divides us even more. When opinion becomes truth we are all in trouble.

Social media

Everyone judge and jury

Public Opinion

Tantrums thrown stores up in flames

Not everyone gets their way

Today at d’Verse, Grace asked us to write a protest poem. She emphasized that words and poetry are powerful tool that can help bring about change in our world. I struggle with all division and misinformation that comes across social media. The tragic deaths of black men and women, as well as police officers, and children killed in crossfire disturbs me greatly. Somehow we need to learn to listen to each other and co-operate together to make everyone’s life better. I have written my poem in the Tanka format!

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History Repeating Itself

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History Repeating Itself

This is a spinoff from a poem I read this morning, written by Mary at d’verse. Her poem spoke of volcanic words that flow relentlessly losing their meaning and leaving souls with collateral damage. This reminded me of the way words are spoken across all genres over and over again, by politicians, cultures, religions, and the media. Each new generation puts its own spin on the story, but never seems to tell it all.

Words // like sand in an hour- glass 

Flow with constant hum

So little restraint

Saying what’s happening

But not what’s going on!

Each generation flipping the glass

Repeating the same clichés

Espousing “truth” // with the same lies

Flowing with constant hum

     …and little restraint

Telling us what’s happening

Never what’s really going on…

As History // once again

Repeats itself


Photo:  https://ablogtowatch.com

This is Mary’s poem if you would like to read it:



Modern Tattle-Tales


Modern Tattle-Tales

Mommy, look what Johnny did

Jimmy pushed me down

Susie called me a bad name

Tommy’s sister is having a baby

And she’s not even married

Tattle-tales spreading gossip

In the house and on the schoolyard

Guess who does it today

It is your computer, your TV, your radio

Over and over again all day long

Till we are sick of hearing it

Soundbites and fake news

Regurgitated over and over

Politicians, reality stars, athletes

All in the mix of rotten stew

Movie stars, musicians, nobodies

Police, teachers, and preachers

No one is left out

The world of tattle-tale reality

In our face, on the news, on every sidebar

So sad we have nothing better to do


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Smoke Screens

         EER_0135 My former pastor used to say, “What’s happening is not always what’s going on.” I have seen this happen time and time again over the past years. Promises of change and hope for a better future seem to  be great political lines for candidates running for office.  If you think back to earlier elections, the hot topic issues back then are hardly mentioned today. In most cases they were issues used to get votes.  A lot of times they were religious based issues such as abortion  or gay rights used to polarize a particular group. I have come to the conclusion that most of what is said by the candidates and the news media is not what is really happening. Their talk is used to take the attention off of more significant things. This poem addresses this.


A circus of smoke and mirrors

Half-truths polished and shiny

Stretching every word out of context

Smoke screens of the insignificant

Always hiding reality  behind a cover of lies

Showing only fragments

Promising pots of gold at the end of the rainbow

False hope in a holey bucket filled with wishes and fantasies

Pouring steadily out the bottom

Mirrors in a TV funhouse of fright

Giving only distorted views

Twisting everything out of proportion

Don’t believe the hype

Look beyond the smoke and mirrors

Dig out the shards of truth

Always remember

Always question

What you see is not what you will get