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In 1967 when I was in college learning to play the guitar, the Youngbloods came out with their hit song “Get Together”. Then, it was Civil Right and the Viet Nam War that divided our country. Now it is divided for very different reasons. There call to come together and “Love one another right now!” still holds true today. Utopian solutions never come through politics and ideology. It only comes when we truly love one another. Until then, a utopian society is just a dream. Amaya at d’Verse asked us to write about our idea of utopia. This took me back to the sixties and the cry of the Folk Singers, prophets of the day, calling us to come together.

Dreaming of a utopia where everyone

carries equal importance and worth

I wake to the reality

that we have a very long way to go

Society seems filled with weeds

Growing up in the midst choking out the good

Overwhelming everyone with their personal agendas

Hope and change are delegated to a select few

While the rest wallow in disillusionment

In a society polarized down the middle

The good of all  is lost in contention and self-destruction

Elections seem not to appease the masses on either side

The solution lies not in Sociology or Political Science

Rather in the hearts of men, women, boys and girls

Utopia lies in the understanding of self-giving Love

That is not just a song we sing, but a way of life.

Only the love of God in the hearts of all

Will bring peace and fulfillment in the world


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You Won’t Let Me Go…


Just like no father would ever let his child drown, even so God, our Father, will not let go of us . I wrote this as a song a few years ago, that flows in waltz time throughout the verses. I can see it sung antiphonally, along with expressive interpretative dance happening all at the same time.  The Psalms are full of expressions of God reaching out to us as we reach out to him. Jesus asks, if a child asks for bread would a father give him a stone? No! For people of faith, the God connection is and interaction of Love and Grace. This song expresses how I believe that happens. The repeated refrain expresses our faith and confidence in God’s love for us.

You’re the Lover That Won’t Let Me Go

You’re the lover of my soul

…the one that won’t let me go

     You call out to me     …I call out to you

You’re the lover that won’t let me go.

Lord, you are the one I adore

…the one that won’t let me go

You call out to me    …I call out to you

You’re the Lover that won’t let me go


Your beauty is everywhere

…I feel your love and care

Holy Spirit, speak into my soul

…and draw my heart to you.

      You’re the lover of my soul

…the one that won’t let me go

    You call out to me   …I call out to you

     You’re the lover that won’t let me go


Your truth is in your Word

…that I so often heard

Open my eyes that I may see

…the beauty of your grace

Lord, you are the one I adore

…the one that won’t let me go

      You call out to me   …I call out to you

        You’re the Lover that won’t let me go.


Your love makes me alive

… It makes me realize

Without you Jesus, I am lost

…but with you I’m satisfied

  You’re the lover of my soul

…the one that won’t let me go

     You call out to me     …I call out to you

    You’re the lover that won’t let me go


Lord, you are the one I adore

…the one that won’t let me go

       You call out to me     …I call out to you

        You’re the Lover that won’t let me go


Baptism Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Reincarnation of Spirit

IMG_1380.JPGI was inspired today by a piece written by blogger, Ally Mare, that spoke of birth and death as having a magical quality of sorts.  All of it goes on around us, yet we are usually unaware until it happens to us or our family. As I read through his article this thought came to me, that reincarnation is really the spirit we pass on to our children. Our attitudes, our love, our joy and our faith. On the other had the negatives are passed on as well. It brings back the memory of a poem/song I wrote a few years ago called Leave a Legacy of Love. It is so important that we break the cycle of hate and violence in our world. It starts with the attitude of your heart.

Reincarnation of Spirit

As one body dies another is born

Rekindling the spirit within.

The cycle never ceases to go on

Passing on the light of God to our kin.

Some choose to pass on evil and hate

The infection spreads like the flu.

But even this infection you can abate

When the love of God is within you.

As we live our lives from day to day

Let God’s light dwell in your soul.

Knowing this world will be a better place

If you shed all that hate and turmoil.

Think about what you pass on to your children

Is it love or divisive hate?

What spirit will be reincarnated from you//

Think carefully before it’s too late.


Photo: Dwight L. Roth


Peace for You and Me


My wish for the new year is that we could learn to live in peace with one another. We have had a year of division and strife in this country and around the world. Power and control seem to be what many desire. But for me, I would love to see the world learn to be more accepting of others loving each other as God loves, extending the hand of grace to all. We can blow ourselves to kingdom come, but real Peace does not come from power, rather from Love and Compassion.


Can peace come from a heart of fear?

From the hand clinched tightly in defense

Trying to save what is already lost


Only from a heart of Love!

Selfless love that is sacrificial

Knowing that it may mean

the end of one’s self

for the sake of another

A heart that does not grasp

But rather opens the hand of God

to one in need

So that all may live in Peace


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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Light against Darkness


My hope for the New Year is that we can come together to overwhelm the darkness and evil with Love and Peace. When light is the dominate contrast the world is a better place. Light stands out sometimes alone but very visible in contrast to darkness.  This reminds me of the song we used to sing that said. “This Little Light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…” Let your light shine this year and bring hope to the world.

Light against Darkness

Light and Darkness coexist

Bringing dimension and definition to life

Contrasting colors not to  be seen without the other

Accents of beauty and line given shape

Revealing all forms of life that exist

Ah, but you say, The spirit of life has no color!”

Oh but it does in so many ways

Light embodies all the colors

Light against darkness being most beautiful of all

Love is the light of the Spirit of God

Contrasted against the dark spirit of evil and hate

In our darkest moments of defeat a light emerges

A candle of light bringing hope in the blackness

Lighting others and they in turn light more

Until evil is overwhelmed with the Light of Love

Defining truth rising above the hate and evil

Bringing peace and joy standing in clear contrast

Against the darkness in the world around us

Light your candle of peace for the New Year

Let God’s love and blessing permeate all you do


Painting: Dwight L. Roth

Christmas Reminder


Christmas Reminder   (A Haibun)

People still live on the streets of every city in America. It is easy to look the other way and assume anything you give them will be spent on alcohol or drugs. Jesus said your neighbor is the one you see in need, and it is your responsibility to give help in what ever way your are able. Families and children live in shelters for lack of a home. This Christmas season and all year round, extend help to those in need around you, especially those who are falling through the cracks of our society.

Bells ring, angel wings

But all are not calm or bright

Shelters full tonight


Photo: Dwight L. Roth



In 1967, when I was in college, a group called the Youngbloods recorded a hit song with the lyrics Let’s Get Together and Love One Another Right Now…  It came out just as the Viet Nam war was ramping up. A call to peace and love, it was a reflection of the flower child generation of the day. I saw on TV that there is a commercial that is using this song as a musical backdrop. The words are wonderful, but as you can see we still have not gotten the message. This poem reflects this same sentiment.  Listen to the song at the end of the poem.


Think how great our world would be

If we supported one another more

And left the criticism at home

As we go out the door


Think how great our country would be

If we prayed for our president more

Seeking wisdom, guidance, and freedom from war

Where congress works for the people they serve

Instead of special interests making deals on the curb


Think how great our world would be

If people of all faiths could finally agree

Where those who believe differently

Embrace one another and agree to disagree

Listening to one another without controversy


Think how great our world would be

How much less stress we all would carry

If the networks broadcasted the good people do

Instead of murders killers and political brew

Think how much better the world would be

If following the Golden Rule was our creed

Loving one another with God’s love and forgiveness

Treating our brothers with care and acceptance


We all know this is only a dream

Our dangerous world sometimes makes us scream

But it is nice to think about, if only for a moment

A utopian world where Love is prevalent


Photo: Dwight L. Roth




We just passed Reformation Sunday celebrating Martin Luther’s courageous challenge of the Catholic Church. He believed that our faith not our religious works are what make us right with God. He brought a new perspective to God’s grace in our life.  We come to God in our brokenness and find restoration, wholeness, and a renewed relationship. As a result, the Protestant Reformation emerged and continues to this day. This is a tribute to our brokenness and God’s grace!


What do you see when something is broken

An object to discard

Or an object restored

Half-full or half-empty

Perspective is everything

Affects all of life

We all become broken

At some time in our life

Thinking we are beyond repair

But God sees us otherwise


And restores us with his grace

His perspective

His Love

Are always there

We always have our place

In ways beyond

What we could ask or think



Photos & Guitar Repair: Dwight L. Roth

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Reach for the Light

When you live in darkness

You reach for the light

Following the sun

As it reclines on the horizon

Knowing that without the sun

There is no life

Same for the soul

In a world filled with darkness

Evil pressing in to overwhelm

Terrors for the one who stays below

Let your spirit reach for the Son

The source of Light in your life

Always shining never hiding

Spirit touching spirit

Reflecting the Light of Love

The only escape

From the eternal darkness around us


Photo: Dwight L. Roth