The Patience of a Seed

IMG_3308 (2)

The patience of a seed lies in waiting
Knowing that at the opportune time
It will germinate, push out a root, and grow.
Too much sun will dry it up;
Too much rain will drown it // make it rot;
And, soil too hard will not let it take root;
Only when the combination of soil, light, and moisture
Is perfect will it grow and produce leaves and fruit.
Our life is much the same // waiting
For the opportune time to grow and shine.
The difficulty is always in the waiting;
Avoiding the scorching light of flattery and praise
Don’t get carried away by the storms of life
Take root in the rich soil of people who love you
Be patient // like a seed… humble and strong;
You’ll know when your time has come.

Photo: Dwight L. Roth




Book covers husks of seeds

Contain life and inspiration

Lying in dust waiting


For the right time

The right conditions

To germinate

Ideas growing in fertile minds


Sprouting information

Inspiration and hope

Even after two thousand years

Fruit of wisdom and knowledge

Bringing light to the mind


As husks laid bare

Revealing life and direction

Producing new seeds of hope

In the mind of the reader

Assuring all is not lost

Seeds for the future

When the time is right

For minds to be enlightened


Photos: Dwight L. Roth