Living Among the Stones


We Live Among the Stones  

We live among the stones

Some rounded and smooth

Others sharp and jagged

Stones fresh and raw from upheaval

Laid bare by heat and pressure

Scorched and Broken

Stone surrounding the fossils of life

Embedded ancient remains

Relationships yet to be excavated


Stones in the river of life

Hard yet rounded smooth

Shaped by the flow of life

Stones cut and shaped to perfection

Stacked and fitted with keystone and arch


Support and strength for all above

Stones of beauty shaped with loving hands

Smoothed and polished

Exquisite beauty stately and cold

Stones of hurt hurled to harm

Smashing killing with devastating force

Leaving only piles of rubble behind

Stones of moraine crushed under ice

Laid bare by the receding foot

Cold snow pack fading fast in the sunlight

Precious stones forged with extreme heat

Pressures that forever change…

Leaving a greater metamorphic glory


Stones of love left in sweet memory

Of loved ones gone // lying among the stones

Now only names carved in stone


We are all precious stones

Jewels in our creator’s crown

Reflecting love and grace


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

For d’Verse open link night we can post any poem of our choosing. I chose this one because it describes how we live among so many and diverse peoples of the world. It also has personal connotations that apply to us as individuals as well.

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Here is another post on rocks from a spiritual perspective by fellow blogger David Alleman at Compost and Grace.



If someone could slice through the layers of your life

I wonder what they’d find

Foundations layers of love and affection

Or layers of anger hate poverty and want


Sedimentary layers of good things that happened

Layers that can be shaped and formed into objects of beauty

Metamorphic layers born of  life’s heat and pressure

Leaving marbled layers of the past forever  fused on its face

Diamonds and gems over time become cherished beauty

Polished on many facets by love and care that came after

Igneous layers of fuming emotion exploding out of control

Seething from deep within expelled by injustices done

Revealing the hard times that shape and mold

Cooling slowly forming geodes of hidden crystals

Yes the layers in our soul are just like those in the rocks

Formed over millions of years of molding and change

Layers giving us character and value as we age


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

My Own Piece of Clay


One of my favorite Marvin Gay songs is My Own Piece of Clay . I decided to write my own spin off of this song.  I observe that couples and spouses , often  try to shape the other person into their idea of what we want them to be.  When one person is rock and the other is clay, the clay ends up getting crushed. I believe individuals in relationship should be like two rocks in the tumbler, knocking off the edges of each one polishing each other into gems of beauty!

From the day we are born

our crying screams

change everyone’s lives

shape everyone’s dreams

demanding care

for our wants and needs


Life is a struggle

between two lumps of clay

shaping each other

in their own way

shaping them

into their own image


What a shock to find

how fragilely they slip

crumbling creations

held tightly in our grip


by selfish lack of understanding


Clay just won’t cut it

it has no strength

once hard

it won’t stay for any length

Fragile Egos


like dust in the grinder



hard rocks in a tumbler

rolling and tossing

against one another

bumping and grinding

smoothing and shaping

letting the chips fall



after a lifetime of interaction

the gems we have become

hold our attraction

full of beauty

our own true shining colors


for the crown

of our creator


Photo: Dwight L. Roth