Fly Me to a Star

Skeleton key


heart of stone, cold

birthed of bloody fire

fire’s frigid reflection

pocked complexion

ashen emotions

powdered cheeks

laid bare…

swallowed away

I tip my top

riding Orion’s space

in hand rejected metal

key to your heart

unturned, upturned


galaxied space

winged bird


whisks me on


hot smoldering

star-fire love melting

key to my heart

offered unconditionally

For d’Verse Poets Pub today, we are writing Ekphrastic Poetry. We are to write a poem motivated by one of artist Catrin Welz-Stein’s images. (I decided to try what I will call a “Lucy style poem” with this one.) A little different from my usual casual write. Enjoy!!

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Eclipse -David Yoder

I watched a PBS special on the Voyager space craft launched in 1977. It was so interesting to see the story unfold. From research, to engineering design, to launch, the men and women of NASA created two space crafts that traveled to the end of the solar system sending back photos of  the planets as it sailed by. The most interesting thing is that these folks were in their thirties when the launch took place. Now they are my age and in retirement. A question came to mind as I watched, “Is there a group of younger millennials with the imagination to continue creating and doing these amazing things ?”


The thrill of the imagination

Takes us places we can never go

Beyond this earthly home

Out into the solar system

Wrapping our minds around the

Concept of a galaxy in a world far far away

Imagine going into the depths of the earth

All the way to China as we used to say

…Our way of saying very deep

Imagine riding with Voyager

As it continues to sail out into the universe

Beyond our solar system to worlds unknown

Having paid its dues in 2012 sailing on

Singing I’ll fly away oh glory I’ll fly away

Who are the imagineers of the present

With visions beyond this realm

Pushing the outer limits in ways yet to be

Not content to live in Earth’s isolation

Rather seeking ways to imagine

The reality of a Star Trek generation

That will stretch our imaginations even more


Photo of the recent eclipse taken by David Yoder. David is a middle school student who lives near Concord, NC.






Imagine a burning speck of dust

Riding over the highest arc

Of a galactic fireworks

Heading outward cooling yet hot

One of a quadrillion sparks

Lighting up the Milky Way

Shooting toward infinity

Imagine that cooling spark


Contains trillions

Of smaller pieces of energy

Spinning and floating

Binding and loosing all of this beauty


While sailing at the speed of light

Imagine that inside those pieces of energy

Trillions more particles bump and grind

So fast that they hold everything together


Imagine that within that mix

You and I

Are miniscule parts of that one

Moving speck of dust

Now imagine

That controlling all of this action

Is a God

Who loves You and Me

…This is Faith


Photos: Dwight L. Roth