A Great Example

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Death calls us one and all
Gathering one last time to pay respects
Four Presidents and a son all came together
Sitting solemnly in the front pew
No words of animosity spoken
Not the time for politics or twitter
Only a time for remembering
And honoring a life well lived
An elder statesman and former President
Words of praise // of humor // and of love
All expressions of those who loved him most
And then came the sermon…
~Of love and acceptance
~Of caring and compassion
Straight from the heart of God
Perhaps his last trip to Washington
Will speak to the discord and division
Leaving behind the greatest legacy of all…
An example to follow by the one now in charge
Let him who has ears to hear…
Hear and find wisdom to live by
From the life and example of
President George H.W. Bush
~December 5, 2018~

Photo of Bush’s Dog Scully: UPI


Lingering of the Day


The older I get the more I ponder the end of life as we know it. Questions arise regarding life after death. Some feel death is the final end.  Others believe there is an after life where the soul and spirit of a person returns to God, living on in a new state of being. We will all find out in time, one way or the other.

After attending the funeral of my wife’s uncle, we spent the day driving around the area where he lived and grew up. We had some great experiences seeing the old Snavely Mill where her Great Grandparents lived. Much to our surprise, the Mill pond yielded a Great White Egret.

As the day wound down we returned back to our Inn to retire. By this time, the sun was lingering in the west, creating the most beautiful sunset. It was as though heaven was celebrating the arrival of her uncle in living color. It was a fitting ending to our day.

Sun paints clouds in orange

lingering // revising blues

lullaby color


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Our prompt today for d’Verse came from Victoria  She asked us to write a Haibun based on the Japanese word Chijitsu, meaning the lingering of the day.

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