Silly Limericks Day



A while back I decided to try my hand at writing some limericks. They came out quite silly, so I decided to call this Silly Limericks Day. I hope they make you smile.

Silly Limericks Day

There was a sweet boy from Seoul

Who ate his rice from a bowl

Until he came here

And burgers brought cheer

Now he enjoys his lunch on a roll!


Sweet little Mary loves clothes pins

In her hair she always clips them

Until one day

They all fell away

Now they’re only found in the pin bin.


Natalie loves horses and riding

On the back of a Sorrel she’s gliding

She looks so refined

Just like a fine wine

With horse and rider combining


Sweet Patty  loved cookies and candy.

To eat them each weekday was dandy

Her dentist said friend

Your tooth has no end

So I need filled it next Monday


There was a little girl named Polly

Who had an American Girl dolly

Its hair was so soft

That her head twisted off

And that was our dear Polly’s folly!


There was a young girl named Sweet Pea

Who was fascinated with a cute sea a-nem-oneee

She forgot where she was

As she played with its fuzz

And she’s now just her dear mummy’s memory!


There was pirate named Larry

He had a big sword he named Harry

He got in a fight

And his sword took a bite.

It was there he committed Hari Kari!


There was a young man named Jaden

Who loved video games and raisins

He played as he nibbled

With his games he fiddled

’til his eyes fell upon a fair maiden


My favorite artist is Ashley

Whose paintings are very costly

She charged me a bunch

And I choked on my lunch

So never a painting did I see


Black and White Photo: Dwight L. Roth