Putting up memories


This is the first time in ten years that we have done all the decorating ourselves. The grandchildren not have other pursuits and are grown and busy, so we spent the morning digging up memories as we sorted through our tub of ornaments from my school children of past years and of friends and co-workers. It was fun to revisit each one again and try to recall who gave them to us or where we purchased them.

So many memories

revisited each Christmas

Each one hung with joy





DSC_1074 (2)

DSC_1084 (2)

DSC_1085 (2)


~Merry Christmas~

Photos: Dwight L. Roth


Stretching over the sink he shaves

Just like his dad / Barbasol and all.

Standing on tiptoes he pats on

a face full of shaving cream.

His plastic pretend razor slides easily

making wide snowplow tracks.

Rinsing off the excess he continues

until his face is shiny clean.

Wiping his face with the towel

he smiles feeling like a real man.

Little brother watches carefully

and copies the same motions;

rinsing his razor in the same sink.

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d/Verse, Grace asked us to consider the significance of setting in our poems. We are to write a poem that definitely gives the reader a sense of the poem’s setting. This is one of my favorite photos of my two boys many years ago. I found a child’s shaving kit at the Dollar Store and he loved it.

Join us at: https://dversepoets.com then click on the Mr. Linkey box and read some other poems.


The beauty of the Great Smokey Mountains is found in many waterfalls along the way. Looking Glass Falls is in the Pisgah National Forest, near Bravard, NC. Just up the road is Sliding Rock, where you can sit at the top of the rock and slide down with the flow into the pool below. The grandchildren really enjoyed this flow. Grandpa decided to take photos rather than slide. Can’t wait for more summer fun!

Looking Glass Falls flows

through every season of life

Will flow when you’re gone


Until then… go with the flow

Joys of life prove worth the trip

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Silly is as Silly does…

IMG_2110 (2)

Silly is as silly does // riding a horse that has no fuzz
Sunglasses all askew // he knew he was Mr. Cool
A three year old’s imagination // carries on through generations
Laughing hilariously at silly stuff // seems we never get enough
Full of grit he rides his steed /// if you’re in his path better take heed
Although it was so long ago // seems like only yesterday you know
Silly is as silly does // these photos fill our hearts with love

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Lillian asked us to be lighthearted and Silly. This is my son from many years ago.   You can join us at:  https://dversepoets.com   Smile!!

One of the things I am doing during this time in seclusion is to go through our old albums and copy the best of them photos with my iPhone. It makes very sharp copies which I then load into my laptop for editing. We probably all have photos in acetate that faded and lost their original color. I found if you use the editing tools in your computer you can turn them into nice sharp black and white photos.  This is much better than tossing them!


It just dawned on me that this was supposed to be Quadrille Monday. (only 44 words) My apologies to Lillian for doing a double Quadrille. I got carried away with the prompt and forgot what I was doing!!  Must be getting old! I turned another year older today!!


Sweet Friendship

Chris's family Easter 2010 085 (2)

Remember the days when just being close to a girl/guy
Made the day a little brighter and smiles a little bigger?
Fun days when carefree spirits shared the swing
Then took off to look for another adventure in the woods.
Oh for the days of youth // when life was a lightness of being;
Formative times of learning about life and love and relationships
Laying the foundation for future responsibilities
and more permanent bonds of commitment.

Chris's family Easter 2010 071 (2)

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Little Friends

Roy Steiner with Kevin S Christopher R and Doug L

These three little boys Kevin, Doug, and Chris had such fun together back in the mid 70s. All born the same year, they were bosom buddies. Every time they got together they had a great time. This photo shows them enjoying their ride in the potato cart. Kevin’s father, Roy, built the tractor and mower combo. It pivoted in the middle and could turn on a dime.


These little rockers enjoyed the music coming out of the ancient Panasonic Stereo record player. Having grown up together they always loved getting together, as you can see. This is definitely poetry in motion!!

Now they are 47 and have children of their own.

Old Photos are so much fun to look at!!

Photos: Dwight L. Roth


Reflections on a Family Visit


A Family Visit

Placemats lay drying on the china cabinet

Dishes are running in the dishwasher

The activities are over all have gone home

From an evening of food and fun

Hamburgers cooked on the grill covered with cheese

Thick quarter pounders in a bun topped with Lettice and Onion

Grandson squirting the squirrel who wondered up on the rail

Kids on their i-phone tablet and book check their mail

Two girls wrestling on the hallway  floor

Grandson makes precarious swinging bridges with his toys

Crashing with a thud when the earthquake hit

Grandson and grandma head for the garden

Come back with a bag full of cukes and tomatoes

Putting the table back to normal size

Rain pouring down waited just long enough

Now time to go home but the rain still falls

Umbrella trips to the van will do

Little ones run and dance in the rain

It was great to see everyone that’s for sure

Now that their gone we clean up some more

Finally settling down to relax a bit in our chairs

Then off to bed with dreams in our head


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Painting: Dwight L. Roth





Creeks were made for little boys

Who love digging in the sand

Creeks rippling along singing as they flow

Calling all who are young at heart

To come explore hidden treasures

Found buried in the sand

Chris's family Easter 2010 051

Hidden under rocks

Crawfish and minnows

Turtles and frogs

Chris's family Easter 2010 077

Dam construction always a fun project

Watching the water rise above your ankles

Feeling the sand squishing between your toes

Yes creeks were made for little boys & little girls

No matter how old they become


Photos: Dwight L. Roth