Love Crosses All Boundaries

Years ago these two cute little girls were the best of friends. They did not think about race or color, just that they really enjoyed each other’s company. Makes me wonder why it is so hard for adults to to the same. We need to work on Dr. King’s dream and make it become a reality.

Teach your children well

Love crosses all boundaries

Be their example


How are you doing your part?

Photo: Dwight L. Roth


Bunky’s Shack – Dwight L. Roth

Bunky died today!

He called me just last week from his Shack on the mountain. Seems, his wife sold the house, left, and had gone to Florida. For him, the Shack was his place to get away from the heat of the summer. She stayed home by herself. Her daughter came up and helped. They liquidated all in just a few weeks.

When I worked for him, we always enjoyed long conversations filled with stories of growing up in Eastern North Carolina. He was strong willed, opinionated, and had done just about everything in his seventy plus years. Now, my friend was calling for a listening ear.

Sadly he shared, “When it was over said and done, it was a time, and there never was enough of it.”

Bunky had slipped on the side of the mountain and hit his head on a rock!

Bunky – Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, we are writing Prosery. This consists of writing a short story, flash fiction or true, exactly 144 words, and incorperating a line of poetry given to us by Lillian. The poetry line is taken from a poem by, “A Time” by Allison Adelle Hedge Coke.

The lines we were given were:

“When it was over said and done

it was a time

and there never was enough of it.”

The story above is a true story from a few years ago, when my good friend died suddenly in an accident at his place in the mountains.

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What is Normal


Our free range playgrounds of childhood have died.

We no longer live connected, but rather side by side

We know each other by first name only

Some live isolated and feel quite lonely

Gone are the days of front porch swings

Where friends may gather as evening begins

And lovers sit swinging hand in hand

It was wonderful // Life was grand

Our doors never locked and curtains seldom pulled

Kids ran free and no threat while at school

Played in the woods // climbed trees without nets

Disappeared all day and played with their pets

And if we ever needed help from a friend

We knew who to call // that neighbor round the bend

Seems the new normal arrived long before Covid

As life had already changed  // no matter what we did

Photo: Dwight L. Roth


This poem came to me after reading Reena Sexons poem:

The Joy of Friendship

IMG_6232 (2).JPG

Today, I am grateful for friendship. Over the years I have had some of the best friends anyone could ever want.  Friends come and go, but the feeling of connection is always there. In the photo above are two friends who live down the street. Danny is my age and is blind, and David lives right across the street from him. They both wanted me to teach them to play the guitar, so last January we started to get together twice a week.  We play and sing all of the old songs of our past. David learned very quickly, but Danny has taken longer due to his sight disability. We have adapted, by letting Danny play the home chord all the way through the songs, while David and I play all the chords. The clash of chords is not noticeable most of the time. We have great fun together.

Grateful for friendship

Young and old bring me much joy

Thanksgiving is here


Photo: Vera Payne

Today at d’Verse, Frank asked us to write a Haibun using a form of gratitude as our prompt. There are so many things in my life that I could be grateful for, but right up at the top is friendship. My connection between friends is second only to family.

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Sweet Friendship

Chris's family Easter 2010 085 (2)

Remember the days when just being close to a girl/guy
Made the day a little brighter and smiles a little bigger?
Fun days when carefree spirits shared the swing
Then took off to look for another adventure in the woods.
Oh for the days of youth // when life was a lightness of being;
Formative times of learning about life and love and relationships
Laying the foundation for future responsibilities
and more permanent bonds of commitment.

Chris's family Easter 2010 071 (2)

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Lasting Friendship

IMG_4244_1 (2)

I met Sri in 2011 when we moved into our new neighborhood. He had just gotten married the year before and moved into the neighborhood about six months earlier. We connected right away and became great friends.  He was thirty years younger than me, but that did not matter!

Sri was a Project Manager from India, and worked in the city using public transportation. As a result, he never needed to learn to drive.  He had his permit and asked if I would be willing to teach him to drive. I agreed, and we spent many evenings that summer driving through the countryside just before sunset. It was a great time to learn to know one another better. He now has his license and drives into Charlotte most days to work at one of the local banks.

Since then, we have done many projects together. He moved out of our neighborhood and closer to Charlotte which helps his commute. We still stay in touch and he often consults with me regarding things around the house. Although we see each other less, our friendship is still as strong as ever.

Lasting friendship bonds

kindred spirits together.

Sun sets // friends will last

IMG_4243 (2)

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

A Great Example

See the source image

Death calls us one and all
Gathering one last time to pay respects
Four Presidents and a son all came together
Sitting solemnly in the front pew
No words of animosity spoken
Not the time for politics or twitter
Only a time for remembering
And honoring a life well lived
An elder statesman and former President
Words of praise // of humor // and of love
All expressions of those who loved him most
And then came the sermon…
~Of love and acceptance
~Of caring and compassion
Straight from the heart of God
Perhaps his last trip to Washington
Will speak to the discord and division
Leaving behind the greatest legacy of all…
An example to follow by the one now in charge
Let him who has ears to hear…
Hear and find wisdom to live by
From the life and example of
President George H.W. Bush
~December 5, 2018~

Photo of Bush’s Dog Scully: UPI

Remembering Me?

Dwight self Portrait

Amaya asked us to write a personal poem this evening at d’Verse~Poets Pub. It was to be something that those who know us would recognize when they read it.  It took me awhile to think this one through, but I finally came up with this one.

Remembering Me?
Would it be my smile…
Shining through my deep blue eyes
Welcoming you in
Or perhaps my compassion
Dedicated emotions

Deep caring friendship
Always ready to help you
True // loyal // lasting
No matter the miles away
It seems just like yesterday

Maybe my questions
About life and religion
Always wondering (wandering)
Pulling God out of the box
Finding perspective and truth

My deep family love
Pride and encouragement there
For each one to share
Unconditional love known
Foundation of the future


Self-Portrait Painting: Dwight L. Roth

Just Walk On By


Without love we are most miserable creatures. But with love we can endure most any situation that comes along. While visiting a street fair in Virginia, we came across an older man playing his keyboard in the doorway of an abandoned building. His dog lay at his feet as he played. The tip jar held barely enough to get by.  It was obvious the love he and the dog had for one another. As my grandson put some money in his jar, this image left a lasting impression on me. Most people just walk on by on the other side of the street. He  probably experienced more loved than many of them.

Sweet notes in spring air

Gifts given // shared  // love received

“Love endures all things…”


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Quote from: 1 Corinthians 13

For Haibun Monday on d’verse, Xenia asked us to take an in-depth look at compassion. She suggested we look at the compassion in the compassionate and see how they connect with each other. This photo came to mind as a great example of that kind of compassion.

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My good friend Bob left today

Truck all packed they drove away

Seems aging does things to mind and body

Making closeness necessary as we grow tottery

Children and grandchildren warm the heart

So we pack our things and soon depart

To live nearby //watered by their smiles

And have them close to help with our ills

My good friend Bob spent hours with me

Talking while I painted and sitting under the trees

His hearing was gone so his voice was loud

Scared some neighbors whenever he got riled

But with me // I didn’t mind his loud expressive pleas

We sat and talked on among tall acoustic trees

Talked of politics, stocks // everything in the book

Of those who were good //and those who were crooks

Over the years we grew quite close

Our trust and loyalty we both valued most

I will surely miss Bob and his booming voice

But my memories are good // I’m OK with his choice


Photo: Ruth Roth