Grasping the Wind

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Grasping the Wind

You can’t hold on to what you will never have…

Those days of youth and vigor pass as we age

leaving some grasping for what is lost;

Seeking a fresh a new look // a temporary fix.

No matter how much we doctor up our body

or keep a regimented exercise routine…

It is still the same old engine wearing down

purring along with a few hits and misses;

But. still with the same number of miles on it!

Replacement parts and filler do not change

the fact that in time life will  run its course.

Temporary fixes are just that…. Temporary.

Live life to the full as long as you can…

Don’t fight the finality // embrace it.

Enjoy family and friends who love you as you are;

Think of all the lifetimes you have already lived.

When this temporary one passes…

God’s light and love will carry us on

to something more permanent and lasting.


Fall seems to be a time of reflection for me. The approach of winter always turns my thoughts to my on winter of life and what it means. These are some of those thoughts that passed through my mind today.

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Write For Yourself

Write for one’s self

Only then will it have meaning

and depth that speaks to others

Forms are fine and fancy words too

But, if you really want to connect

your words must all ring true

Choose not to write for accolades

of unknown publishers who read

multitudes of words each day

with swiftness and care-less speed

Write first for yourself

Share with friends who see

Who feel the depth of your soul

For that’s all your writing should be

So, write your stories and poems for you

You might even put them into a book or two

and give them to folks you care about

And friends folks who care about you

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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Dad Turned 90 Today


Dad is Ninety

Dad turned ninety today

Although he didn’t remember

Living in a world of memory loss

The short term completely gone

Living only in the moment

One experience at a time

Forgetting the past he presses on

To reach the finish line

Waiting now with serenity of heart

But not the same of mind

Barely getting up out of his chair

He rolls with his walker here and there

Unstable security allows him to move

A forgetful memory keeps him out of the groove

Proclaiming to us that he’s still in good health

Not realizing the creeping stealth of his situation

He says he is thankful he lasted this long

Hoping to see us on our next vacation

He still recognizes our faces

But names slip through the cracks

And when it’s time to go he’s sad we have to run

He forgets we were there each time we go

And exclaims each time we come in

His face brightens up as he says hello

Surprised over and over to see us again

But while we are there it’s a special time

To see everyone brings him joy

He has not lost his humor or wit

Still catches a funny joke we tell

And has a good chuckle at it

Some things in his brain are still working

He loves to have some fun

He enjoyed his party and all his friends

Until they had to run

About most things he asks

It must be quite confusing

To see us there and then we’re gone

The memory just won’t last

Living to a ripe old age sounds good

The goal of many I am sure

But for me it’s a journey I hope not to take

Let me go while I still remember


Photo: Dwight L. Roth