Your Roots

Beneath every tree are roots

Holding… interlocking… feeding

Bringing strength foundation

Roots the source of all beauty we see

looking at a tree

You’ve heard, “Behind every successful man

is a good woman.”

My mother was that good woman

holding interlocking our family

feeding… caring for each one.

My father was a pillar of the community

on strength and nourishment

of my mom who was always there for him.

An unsung hero

she was the roots of our tree.

Without her none of us would be

standing as we are today.

My Father and Mother on their 40th

My father died at age 70. My mom lived to be 93!

Photos; Dwight L. Roth


Life is sedimentary

Limestone foundations

Full of embedded effervescence

Cemented together with Love

Holding up our house of cards

Fragile and beautiful creations

Each support essential

to the well being of the whole

Life is community

Cemented together with Love

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Photos taken in Lititz, Pennsylvania

Top of the Heap (Tanka)


IMG_1024.JPGThe successful person never forgets those who have contributed to his success. Those who fail often think they did it all on their own.  Never destroy the foundation that gave you rise! Surround yourself with people you can trust. Don’t forget to acknowledge their contributions.

Riding high above

Fat Cat on top of the heap

Digs // pulls himself down

Removing those who helped him

Unaware demise is near


Photo: Dwight L. Roth