Come Fly With Me

Stamp Art – Dwight L. Roth

Any other summer, but this one, planes would be packed to the max with passengers traveling to destinations all over the world. This summer we can only dream or reflect on places we have already been due to Covid-19. I made this stamp art piece a couple of years ago thinking the sky was the limit and we could go anywhere we chose.


Summer heat is here

And so are we // stuck at home

Hoping fog clears soon


Dreaming of destinations

Singing “Fly Me to the Moon”

Tears of the Moon – Dwigth L. Roth

Frequent Flyer

DSC_0601 (2)

You come to drink sweet and fermentation

from my magical striped balloon of glass

I watch you zipping through tint refraction

Curiously watching me with each new pass


Your tiny micro chip of a frame stops

And through the straw you draw sweet nourishment

Deeply imbibing then back to tree tops

Pausing on a branch // moment of contentment


Perched among the willows // you disappear

Blending in to the foliage like a leaf

In an instant you suddenly appear

Looking for me // like I was the big chief


As I make my sandwich and spread my bread

You land and draw in sweet nectar instead

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Linda asked us to write a poem about flying. Since I have been watching my hummingbird coming back and forth to my feeder, I attempted to write a sonnet about the hummingbird.

Join us at:

Little Boys…Big Dreams

Wright Brothers Memorial 001 (2)

A memorial to the Wright Brothers;
Young men with dreams of flying.
The beginning of something
greater than themselves
with a giant monument of stone,
high on Jockey’s Ridge
in North Carolina.
Little boy visits and wonders
what it would take to
be remembered
with a monument of Stone.
It takes dreams
and the courage to live them out;
It takes someone to inspire
to encourage
to believe the impossible.


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Dedicated to my son, who always believed he could fly!



Every year in November, the weekend before Veterans Day, the Warbirds fly over our house. Old Fliers and aviation enthusiasts bring their restored vintage planes and put on an air show at our local municipal airport. I snapped these with my iPhone today as they flew by.

Some fly to fight

Veterans fly to remember

November blue skies

Warbirds 2

Warbirds 3

Photos: Dwight L. Roth


Impressively Unimpressed

Wright Brothers Memorial 001

Kitty Hawk (a Haibun)

Years ago we climbed the dune at Kitty Hawk, NC to visit the Wright Brother’s Monument. It was a fun time with our young boys. I am amazed how far we have come since that first flight on matchsticks and canvas!

Impressive granite

monument  // rising bird wings

Young man unimpressed


Photo of the Wright Brother’s Museum: Dwight L. Roth






We cannot depend on others to fulfill our dreams. We will be disappointed every time. If you want to make a difference. If you want to succeed at what you set out to do, you must find the inspiration within yourself to give you the life that will take you where you want to go. If you get praise, or accolades, they are simply icing on the cake. Hard work and persistence will make it happen. And above all enjoy the ride!

We can only fly

if we have dreams to be the

wind beneath our wings!


Photo: Dwight L. Roth


Come Fly With Me!!


Where in the world would you travel if you could do so! There are so many interesting places and cultures to choose from. As I worked on this project, it brought back a lot of events and people in history that made me smile! This collection is 24 x 42 inches. A friend of my suggested the travel idea with the suitcases. I liked the idea and this is the result. I was able to use some larger stamps as well as larger blocks of stamps. These are stamps from all over the world!

Come Fly With Me

Come fly the unfriendly skies with me

Together we will see the world

No more snacks or food for free

Just a bag of saltless peanuts

And enough soda to make me pee


Seats so narrow we barely fit

Squeezed tightly and compact we sit

Like Leggos locked in place

We sit there with a smile pasted on our face


Come fly with me in spite of the odds

We’ll see the world together

Our bags will arrive from deep in the hold

Our carry-ons light as a feather


We will be sure to have  lot’s of fun

When we reach our destination

Japan or China or maybe New Zeland

In Rome or Paris or the House of the Rising Sun


In spite of  our tight seats we sit in

It will all be worth the show

At the window seat I’m pinned in

I’ll love it all I know


So come fly with me in New York we’ll meet

And rise above our fears

Float on clouds throughout the years

And fold up all our feet


And if by chance they come slinking

Down the aisle to take my seat

I won’t fight or wiggle or swear

I’ll say thank you my dears

And…”Let me Out of Here!!”


Stamp Art: Dwight L. Roth



The Bumpity Bump Time Machine


My favorite part of flying is taking off. I love racing down the runway and then feeling the smooth lift-off as we glide up into the wild blue yonder. Today, as we flew on our first leg of our journey, I decided to write this poem to pass the time. The planes get smaller, the snacks keep shrinking and the seats get tighter (…or I keep getting bigger!!), but they still seem to get us where we are going in a timely fashion.  Flying is still one of the safest modes of transportation in spite of what we see and hear on the Media. It has been a very long day!

The Bumpity Bump Time Machine

A bunch of sardines in a tight tin can

Barely room to breathe no room to stand

Knuckles turn blue as oxygen get thin

Waiting inside for our journey to begin

In the United Time Machine

More popular than baseball this roaring tube of metal

People pay good money to sit in this kettle

To be turned into spam compressed every wit

A new destination makes us willing to sit

Creeping in the queue awaiting our turn

Shaking and vibrating as the engines burn

Finally it’s our turn down that endless runway

We race down the drag strip it’s up up and away

A bumpity bump ride to say the least

Compressed even further the bumps finally cease


Racing two or three hours at the speed of light

Hurling through space like a meteor in flight

This can of sardines shooting up into space

In a matter of time we arrive at our place

From Carolina to Texas what an unpleasant thrill

On this Bumpity Bump Time Machine of aluminum and steel


Photos: Dwight L. Roth