Back to Normal

I guess the turtles haven’t heard of social distancing. We visited Dogwood Park again yesterday and saw all this log full of turtles sunning themselves. I think I count seventeen of them on this log. I saw them off in the distance and circled around and down through the trees to get this shot.

Today was Mother’s day, and having had our shots, we decided to venture out to one or our favorite restaurants for a late afternoon dinner. We arrived at 2:00 thinking we would avoid the crowd but it was a lot like the turtles on the log above. All booths and tables were open and for the most part full. They did add extensions to the back of the booths to raise them higher. Staff wore masks, but eaters obviously did not! It was very nice to be back in a feeling of pre-Covid normal again.

Felt back to normal

Out for Mother’s Day dinner

Turtles rock their log

Photos: Dwight L. Roth