Morning Wake-up Call on the Farm

Uncle Fred's Farm Painting

Dwight      time to get up”

Five forty-five comes early

When cows must be milked

Just five more minutes…

Cowbells tinkle down the lane

Must get to the barn

Cows find their own stall

We hug their necks to chain them

Now it’s milking time

Milkers pump     milk flows

Pipeline to bulk storage tank

White gold for farmers

Twenty-six cows fed

and milked      time for our breakfast

Fried eggs      (fried) cornmeal mush

Same routine each day

Morning and evening chores done

Sleep comes easily


Painting: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Frank Tassone asked us to write a poem using haiku in sequence.  I decided to do a snippet of farm life. When I turned thirteen, it started working summers on my Uncle Fred’s farm in central Pennsylvania.  He had a dairy farm with around 26 cows that had to be milked morning and evening every day,  three hundred and sixty five days a year!  Morning always came too soon for me. My Aunt Dorothy would call up the stair steps and tell me it was time to get up. This is my poem about getting up and getting to the barn each morning.  Some of my best memories come from working there.

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Clip-Clop Ride


In my father-in-law’s things, after he died, we found some sketches he had done some years earlier. This Amish buggy was perfectly drawn down to the minute details. Our d’verse prompt today from Bjorn, is to use onomatopoeia  to create a poem. These are words that sound like they are spoken. I decided to use Dad’s Amish buggy to make my poem. The onomatopoeia words are in italics.

Clip Clop Ride

Amish buggy // wheels rattling against pavement

Rolling down the road // slowing down traffic

Thwack of the reins on the horses back

Trotting down the road to town and back

Rolling past fields with mooing cows

And a farmer feeding his pregnant sows

Little girls sitting in back with their brothers

Avoiding tourists with cameras and snapping shutters

Home again past their barn full of hay

And the cackle of chickens as they scratch and play

A unique life style frozen in time

Quite a different choice from yours and mine


Sketch: Paul White

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