I’ve been told that the largest sex organ in the body is your brain. Hooked on dopamine naturally flowing in my blood, I have found this to be true. Without the brain game everything else falls flat. As I think back on our days during mid-life, many wonderful memories come to mind. Fantasy and imagination are wonderfully erotic. Sharing this with the one I love has been an experience like no other.

Heat of passion burns

Wearing gold herring bone necklace

And nothing more


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Saana asked us to consider erotic poetry in literature. She asked us to try our hand at writing a classy erotic poem. I decided to do a Haibun that recounts a favorite image and memory for me. I took this photo many years ago. It has long since faded to orange, so I changed it to black and white.

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Puppy Love

Dwight Roth - Paper Boy 001

Puppy Love

Gouging deep breaking smooth Maple bark

He carved his initials with hers in a heart

Imaginary lovers… she will never know

He’s only thirteen and hormones flow

Fantasies of a chance to hold her hand

To share how he feels as she sits in the stands

A dark haired beauty with a captivating smile

Slim angel of dreams on his mind for awhile

But this love though sweet was never meant to be

Except in the mind of a boy like me

Daydreams and night dreams in my brain collide

Adolescent shyness keeps words locked inside

She’ll never know I was her biggest fan

Who wanted to be near and hold her hand

Many years came and now are gone

But those puppy love dreams still remain

Adolescent fantasies never die

They’re just to be remembered

And put away with a sigh


Photo: From the family album




Buying time will be the most valuable commodity of the next generation . With hectic work schedules, activities, children, family, and friends our time is all accounted for. Any time we can buy some time for ourselves, we will spend the extra money. We have pizza delivery, pharmacy delivery, dry cleaning delivery, fast food, and on-line shopping. Our local grocery store now has curb service and food cooked for dinner! We fill our lives with so much that there is no time left just for me. Wouldn’t it be nice if we did not have to think about or worry about time? Here is a fantasy poem dreaming about what that might be like.


Imagine there’s no such thing as time

No clocks to tick not alarms to chime

How different life would be

Age lost in a theory of relativity

Simply living till we die

No numbers to stress us out

No big three-o or the big 4-o

Never late never on time just hi and bye

What a laid back world that would be

One less stress for the OCD’s

Timeless living takes all as it comes

No looking forward no looking back

Sounds almost like eternity