Beach Reflections

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Beach Reflections

Two years gone by since visiting the beach

Hearing the ocean rhythms // listening to the sea birds

Time takes its toll on this aging body

Plodding through sand with chairs in hand

Feeling the aches in the hip joint as they talk back

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Long walks on the beach left for the young

Children and grandchildren full of life and energy

Still, I love to dig in the sand // creating sculptures with my hands

Creations enjoyed for the moment then lost to high tide

A joy passed down // sons and grandsons legacy 

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There is a peacefulness at the ocean // gazing out across the vastness

A therapeutic place where my mind can wander far and wide

And wonder how the ebb and flow of this sleeping giant

keeps happening year after year // as it dances with the moon

Though our time quickly slipped away, the experience was priceless

Memories made and hugs exchanged…  as we all said goodbye

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Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Fun at the Beach

Jason Burried in the Sand 1987 001 (2)

When our boys were young, we enjoyed many summers at the beach. One essential that came along with us was the blue shovel. We had a great time digging holes for sandcastles, and creating sea creatures, such as sharks and turtles. It is amazing what you can make with just a shovel. We even buried the youngest son up to his neck in sand!  Then we floated on bubbles of air, riding on the incoming waves. So many good times brought back by saved photos.

Memories of the beach

Summer fun in sand and water

Shovel creates art

Beach - jason sandcastle 001 (2)

Beach - Jason and dragon head 001 (2)

Beach - Jason and turtle 001 (2)

Beach -Chris reading at the beach 001

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Grand Caverns

EER_0017 (2)

This week we traveled to Virginia to visit with my son and his family. While we were there we spent an afternoon going through the Grand Caverns located near Grottos, VA. The formations were very impressive. as we wondered underground from room to room. Our guide used a blue light to point out the special features as we went. It was a cool 56F underground. We were moving continually so we did not mind at all. These are some of the formations we saw there.

EER_0025 (2)EER_0012.JPG






IMG_6079 (2)



IMG_6049 (2)

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Fun on the Water


While at Cain Creek this past weekend we were surprised to see this Amphibious Car come cruising down the lake. As we watched it circled and headed back across to the other side. Poetry in motion.

Sunday road trip

Became a dip in the lake

Great fun in the sunshine






Photos: Dwight L. Roth

The Tie That Binds


Blest Be The Tie That Binds

“She did what?” “Oh, “How funny!”
“Did she get hurt?” “How did she get out?”

An evening of food, fun, and music
Church dinners are always delicious
Fat and happy, we gathered under the trees
A hymn sing began as guitars twanged
Dusk was upon us // crackling fire warmed s’mores

Everyone brought lawn chairs of various kinds
I brought a couple of old ones for my wife and me
Crisscrossed webbing with screw in each web
Had done them myself… many years ago

Calling out hymns to sing // sitting around the fire
Then came the call for “Blest Be the Tie That Binds”
Chord was strummed // the song begun
When out of the blue her webbing snapped
Too many years of wear came suddenly to an end

When I looked over… there she was
Nose on her knees and butt in the grass
Priceless shocked look on her face
Music interrupted everyone howled with laughter
Captured moment // frozen in place …

Finally someone gave her a hand…helping her stand
The sing along ended //darkness was upon us
But to this day when we sing “Blest Be the Tie That Binds”
It always brings a smile


Photo: Dwight L. Roth –  Hymn Book

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Fourth of July at Nags Head

Chris and Jason at Duck, NC 1977 001

We will be celebrating the Fourth of July in a couple of days. Hot summer weather seems to call us to the beach. Sun and surf on ninety degree days seem to be the perfect combination.  When our boys were little we made many summer trips to  Nags Head and Emerald Isle, North Carolina camping and enjoying the waves. Riding the swells on our blow-up mattresses was always a favorite thing to do. I always carried a shovel which we used to build sand creations. Now thy are grown and have children of their own who they take to the beach and do all the fun things all over again.

Good Times at Nag’s Head

Sand and surf God’s natural sandbox

A place where awe and imagination merge

Watching our two boys chase ebb and flow

Squealing with delight as the surf laps their ankles


Amazing creatures evolve out of the sandy beach

With each shovel full of sand they take shape

Octopus, Sea Turtle, Shark and Whale

All come to life at the hand of their creator

Sand Castles with moats and towered walls   

Sit on the edge of destruction

Hot Rod with seat and steering wheel

Roars to life in that three year old mind

Riding the swells on a bubble of air

Feeling the power of the ocean breathing beneath

Waiting for just the right wave

Driving into the shallows


Those were good times, no, great times at Nag’s head

Some forty years ago  

Now it’s grandchildren and a new creator

Bringing awe and imagination to life

And that three-year old

Still loves God’s ocean playground


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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