Fall Flowers and Butterflies

On need not travel far to see the wonders of nature. I find them all around me, as Summer comes to an end and Fall begins. Butterflies and bees are still enjoying what is left of my flowers. Wildflowers that were blooming a few days ago are now just seed heads. My Zinnias have stretched all the way over my head to over eight feet and are still putting out blooms. They like we are not giving up.

Nature’s beauty shines

All around flowers still bloom

Butterflies’ delight

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Fall Beauty


Fall beauty is all around. Although it has not rained here in three weeks my zinnias keep on blooming. They are appreciated by the butterflies and moths that stop by for a taste of their sweet nectar.  Yesterday a monarch was on my butterfly bush. Today I saw this beautiful butterfly moving from flower to flower. It is called Gulf Fritillary and is common in North Carolina So I got my camera for another round of poetry in motion. Enjoy the show! No words needed!










Photos: Dwight L. Roth