Survival of the Fittest


What does it take to retain a friendship, a marriage, or respect? Does one incident destroy a life time of work. Is there any sense of forgiveness and moving on? I usually like to post positive posts that are hopeful and uplifting. This one is just the opposite. It is my observations on how society has seemed to turn in on itself. It seems we have become like a tank of hungry Paranas waiting to tear into the next victim. We no longer have need for Judge and Jury. Every victim gets tried and convicted in the social media and the sensational news broadcasts.  When society loses its moral compass everything becomes vicious. I believe we still have a long way to go in learning to care about one another.

Survival of the Fittest

Clouds of controversy cover all the good that happens

Enhanced and amplified by hungry predators

Waiting to devour all records of good

And regurgitate it all with poisoned stew

Serving it up to a mindless public

Waiting like fledgling hawks in a nest

Mouths wide open for red meat fed to them

Fighting for more than their share

Believing they alone are entitled to grow

And prey on weaker species

Feeding their young on the same raw stew

Survival of the fittest seems to be the norm

With the fittest becoming more vicious each day


Photo: Dwight L. Roth


Dead Stop


This is the second time a dove has crashed into my window. The tinted windows act like a mirror. This one was totally blindsided and hit the window going at full speed. It shocked me to hear the thud. I looked up, surprised to see it flying off, instead of falling to the ground with a broken neck. It left a full body oil print on my window. Doves have amazing resilience. It reminded me of the way our country is going. When we hit dead stop, will we too have the resilience to bounce back once more? Only time will tell.

Dead Stop

Cruising full speed ahead

Pathway clear // only background trees

Mirage of glass // a clear deception

Unexpected collision // DEAD STOP!!



Lightning pain surge

Recalculating reality in split seconds

Turning // flying off to a nearby limb

Stunned  // dazed // confused

The path of deception was clear

Only a dead stop brings a wakeup call

Leaving imprints // taking bruises

Concussion collision survived

Learning through “hard knocks”

The dove phoenix rises once more


Photos: Dwight L. Roth


The Ocelot

When I taught fourth grade many years ago, my students learned some of Ogden Nash’s poems. This poem,The Ocelot, I now recall from memory. I feel it is the perfect poem to use to write another response poem, and poke some fun at the President. This is a continuation of our d’Verse poetry prompt from yesterday.  I hope these limericks will make you smile a lot.

The Ocelot

By Ogden Nash

There once was a finicky ocelot

Who all the yearlong was cross a lot

Except at Thanksgiving

When he enjoyed living

For he liked to eat Cranberry sauce a lot


My Response Poems:

Our President feels he must talk a lot

So to twitter he goes sounding off a lot

Except when he’s sleeping

In his mind he is dreaming

Of confusing fake News with his lies a lot


There once was a finicky President

Who has a unique White House for residence

Except for Maralago

Where he feels he must go

For he likes to play golf with the residents


The President is thoughtless and says a lot

At his meeting this week he got in a spot

When overheard saying

Some nasty conveyance

He’s now stuck with his foot in the pot a lot!



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Smoke and Mirrors


A preacher once told his congregation, ” You can pretty much count on the fact that what’s happening is not always what’s going on!” This is really true when it comes to politics and the News Media. We have heard many accusations being thrown at the media for broadcasting fake news. With news that continues twenty-four hours a day everything gets turned into news. Today, President Trump’s Twitter account was shut down for eleven minutes by an exiting employee. It made the evening news! What more can I say!

Smoke Screens                 


A circus of smoke and mirrors

Half-truths polished and shiny

Stretching every word out of context

Smoke screens of the insignificant

Always hiding reality

Behind a cover of lies

Showing only fragments

Promising pots of gold

At the end of the rainbow

False hope in a holey bucket

Filled with wishes and fantasies

Pouring steadily out the bottom

Mirrors in a TV funhouse of fright

Giving only distorted views fake news

Twisting everything out of proportion

Don’t believe the hype

Look beyond the smoke and mirrors

Dig out the shreds of truth

Always remember

What you see is not what you will get

And what’s happening is not

What’s going onIMG_0547

Photo: Dwight L. Roth




Speculation and scandal

America’s fix

Fueled by the media

Playing pick-up stix

How easy it is

For the Russians to control

Planting fake news here

And fake news there

Knowing in the end

Be it true of false

The media will report it

Making it ten times worse

Wake up folks

Turn off the squawk-box

Put those chickens to roost

Quit believing the sensational

Let the government do its work

Shut down those garbage reports

Before they even start

Let’s get back to business

And end the distrust


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Fake Artificial Intelligence

Rush 2

        Fake Artificial Intellegence

As we stare hypnotized at LED screens

We somehow have convinced ourselves

That we hold truth in our digital hands

Reality somehow resides in this artificial screen

Artificial intelligence is only as smart

As those who feed the info into the grinder

As we are bombarded by AI all around us

We begin to drink the cool-aide one sip at a time

Never thinking only seeking the next feeling fix

Sucked into emotions that feed our perspective

Sound bites and pictures sculpted and scripted

Take us where we are willingly led

No logic or common sense in our sensational addiction

No question of moral or ethical consequences

As we bow down to our media gods of Limbaugh and Maddow

We sink deeper and deeper into the stupor of fake AI

Whatever happened to “Question Everything!”

Whatever happened to “Think for Yourself!”

Will future Artificial Intelligence be as fake

As the media we feed on today

Will thinking without emotion be the step

Leading us back to common sense

Or will AI feed us fake information

Controlling us like the children of Jonestown

Sacrificing our intelligence for one we created

Bowing down to the “truth”


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Modern Tattle-Tales


Modern Tattle-Tales

Mommy, look what Johnny did

Jimmy pushed me down

Susie called me a bad name

Tommy’s sister is having a baby

And she’s not even married

Tattle-tales spreading gossip

In the house and on the schoolyard

Guess who does it today

It is your computer, your TV, your radio

Over and over again all day long

Till we are sick of hearing it

Soundbites and fake news

Regurgitated over and over

Politicians, reality stars, athletes

All in the mix of rotten stew

Movie stars, musicians, nobodies

Police, teachers, and preachers

No one is left out

The world of tattle-tale reality

In our face, on the news, on every sidebar

So sad we have nothing better to do


Photo: Dwight L. Roth