Who needs mirrors //we have selfies!

Gone are the days of looking in the mirror

Only to leave and forget what we saw

Now we have photos // permanent images

Wild and crazy images posted across the net

So close, we can count the pimples and pinch the zits

Mirrors are so uncertain //fleeting images

Liars we can rationalize and refute

Going back to pretending dementia

Just like the scale’s high numbers

But with Selfies, the narcissistic addiction

We are so enraptured with ourselves

We think others on the web will all agree

Perhaps we need to go back

Look in the mirror and leave it there

Selfies make liars of all

“Like” is a relative term


Clip Art: Dreamtime.com

Our poetry challenge prompt today on d”Verse comes from Bjorn, who asks us to write a poem about mirrors.  Any poem using the word mirror is ok. Come visit us at d’Verse~Poetry Pub.



Visual Learner


If you are like me you might like the photo that comes with a poem as well or better than the poem itself. The beauty of the photo grabs your mind and won’t let go. I received a poem some time ago from my sister. The beautiful field of flowers and the mountains in the background captivated me much more than the poem. I thought how superficial that I would go for a photo over a poem. Perhaps I am superficial.

Call Me Superficial

Call me superficial… when seeing a picture

Causes words to escape me

When beauty take precedence over substance

And I am drawn by what my eyes behold


Call me superficial when a picture in a story

Catches my attention and sets my mind on the fire

My imagination soars and transports my soul

To realms beyond word or pen


Call me superficial when melody and harmony

Lift my spirit from the very first note

Only to be followed by words

Adding to or taking away my feeling of awe


Call me superficial when the background blurs

Seven layers deep

And the last brush stroke is the first I see


All that work labor and toil

Only to end in an accent of light against dark

Beauty against substance


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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