Our Love…

“…so close that your sea rises with my heat.” C.Perez

Our love crescendos, turning us into liquid.

Oceans of your love crash and swell, then ebb

into calm retreat, painting the canvas bare…


Flowing across the layers of my electrocuted mind;

Covering all the shards of hurt from the past

with the joy of this glorious present moment in time;

Leaving only love’s fading footprints on the sand.


Our love grows in weeded beds of flowers sweet

with honey bees’ favorite blossoms, filled with nectar…

Without the taint of poisonous words that sting and dig

deep into the soul, leaving scars blight and spoil.


You. my love, are life’s precious fruit no longer forbidden

in the garden of beauty and perfection, delectable as

fresh peaches graced with rich sweet cream


Feeling you here in this moment, in this time of uncertainty,

Calms my storm of chaos that sit churning just off shore.

You are here now…

“so close your sea rises with my heat.” C.Perez

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

We are doing Poetics at d’Verse this evening that deal with endings! She gave us six ending lines from poems of various poets. We had to choose one, and take the ending line of that poem, to continue the thought of the poem, in the same manner as the original poem. I chose ending line of the poem,  C.Perez ~ Love in a Time of Climate Change to write my poem. Hopefully it is close to what she is asking us to do. We are to use the ending line as an epigraph (between the title and the body of the poem). Or at the end… I did both.

Join us at: https://dversepoets.com Then click on Mr. Linkey to read more poems.

Some Endings…


Some endings seem to be more difficult than others…

Pulling on heartstrings trying to sew the broken

Crying tears of sorrow for a love turned cold

Graduation brings a mixed bag of joy and apprehension

Knowing challenges // struggles // and hard work lay in store

On the only path to their growth and success

Friend separation leaves empty space // but never in our heart

True friendship never ends// no matter how far they roam

Reunions always seem like it was only yesterday


But // losing a loved one is the most difficult of all endings

A child before parent // an unimaginable ending

A parent who passes early leaves a giant hole in one’s heart

Cruel dementia is very difficult to accept

Living on without memory is an ending none of us desire

Living till we die is what we all hope and pray for

Some endings are more difficult than others


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

While commenting on Robert Okaji’s post “Forgotten” I wrote the statement in the opening line of this poem. I decided to use it as today’s prompt. Check out his post: