Prayer is love sent by way of heaven

Encouraging those we love in their time of need

“Thoughts and prayers” is not just a cliché

It is a way of showing God’s love… sending virtual hugs

Hopefully bringing comfort and support

Letting them know they are truly loved

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Taste This

Fall Tomatoes
As days grow shorter and hot weather cools
A few light rains help revive struggling tomatoes
Amazing what a little extra water can do
A few cool days allows blooms to form tomatoes
Now, those old vines that seemed half dead
Are putting out new growth climbing the wire
Ripe Fall tomatoes are a nice treat
Can’t wait to slice and bite into them
Now that days are shortening and I am growing old
A resurgence of energy surges forth in the form of poetry
Amazing what a little encouragement can do
Blogging seems to bring out the best inspiration in me
Sharing my experiences and photos with all of you
Followers from all over the world are climbing each week
New poems continue to flow like ripe juicy tomatoes
To be shared with those who dare to bite into them
Tasting the inspiration // passing on feelings and ideas

Today at d”Verse, we are looking at waiting and anticipation. Nothing peaks my anticipation like seeing the green tomatoes getting bigger and bigger as they turned rosy red orange. Waiting for them to ripen is wonderful anticipation.

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Fall tomatoes 2


IMG_0303 (2)IMG_0327

Traveling up the Rhine River, we passed through several locks, where the ship enters and is raised to a higher level. We went through most of them at night, but on this evening we came to a lock just before sunset. It was an interesting experience to see the water filling the lock and watch us rise. The opposite doors slowly opened and we moved on up the river just as the sun was setting.  It reminded me of life.

Rocks in our life stream…
Pause // close the door behind you
Let good friends lift you;
Move to a higher level
Let negative pain behind.
Summer sun drops low…
Enjoy the evening orange hues
Tomorrow // new day


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

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…Light My Fire

Three Day Quote challenge #1


Three Day Quote Challenge
“In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out.
It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being.
We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.”
― Albert Schweitzer
I would like to thank Kiniwana for nominating me for the Three Day Quote Challenge.

Today I am nominating:
Rules: (should you choose to accept this challenge)
Thanks the person who nominated you.
Post a quote every day for three consecutive days
Nominate three others each day

Beyond Imagination



I have been pushed and shoved all my life

Thanks to friends who cared…

Seeing more in me than I see in myself

Learning to do more than I could ever imagine

From computers to art // writing memoirs // and poetry

Publishing books on Amazon //and writing a blog…

Things I never imagined ten years ago

Susan // Kym // and Tom

Encouraging // urging // helping me

Opening doors to new worlds of wonder

Imagination that knows no end

Wonderful friends all over the world

Communicating with me every day

Keeping me on the edge of inspiration


Photo: Ruth Roth

Our challenge today comes from Mich at d’Verse. Looking at learning that continues throughout life, she asked us to write a poem telling about something we are learning.

I am forever thankful for friends, whom I mention in my poem, who have urged me to move into the world of writing. Without their encouragement, I would not be writing this blog.

It is such a wonderful thing to be able to learn to know all of you. Your great writing and words of encouragement, given to me in your comments, keep me coming back for more. I have learned so much form all of you at the d’Verse poetry group. I am now writing poetry that I never even heard of two years ago! Thank You All!!

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It’s not a Cliché


Say I Love You

Don’t let a day go by without love

A word a smile a touch

Given over and over again

Like you favorite song it never grows old

Don’t let a day go by without love

One never knows what is to come

Breath takes only seconds to leave

The soul takes rise the body and is gone

Say I love you with a smile

Don’t let a day go by without love

A helping hand a word of encouragement

Light and fire to revive and lift the soul

Bring joy and happiness to all

Show you care say it with love

Don’t let a day go by without love

No matter how you feel

What’s said in anger pierces the heart

Draining out love’s reserves

Words of love are saved in the heart

Remembered for ever treasured gifts

Don’t let a day go by without love


Photo: Dwight L. Roth



Words Last Forever

Some words are remembered forever

Tattooed on our mind

Words of resolve…”We the People…”

Words backed by commitment sacrifice and death

Words connect to the heart

“I Love you” spoken for the first time

Remembered forever in our mind

“It was the best of times It was the worst of times”

Introductions to stories we will never forget

Words of compassion for the loss of a loved one

Create a bond that remains to the end

“Four score and seven years ago…”

Lincoln’s address at Gettysburg

Honored those who died in that bloody conflict

Words never spoken are also remembered

Parents who never said “I love you”

Regrets for a lifetime once they have passed

Words of degradation and meant to hurt

Embedded like splinters in the brain

Chronic irritations that never go away

But can be forgiven

The importance of our words is

A great responsibility that changes lives

What kind of words do you impart

Words of hurt or words of hope

Make the world a better place

With words that build encourage and help

Bring people together

Words of healing and forgiveness

Bringing life and light to all


Fall Iris Blooming

Photo: Dwight L. Roth


Get Off Your Soapbox

This poem is not intended to offend those who have spoken out over the past week against what most consider evil and hate. Watching the crowds in Boston who came out to say that hate will not win in our society was great to see.  Marches and protests have their place, but it is what we do after we go home that makes our cause authentic. It is one thing to protest, but it is another thing to live out our ethics and values in society. To do that we have to get off our soapbox and love our neighbor, listen to others, and extend the hand of friendship to all. “Overcome evil with good!”

Get Off Your Soapbox

Get off your soap box

It keeps you from stepping forward

For when you rise above the rest

A step in any other direction

Might trip you up

Falling on your face

Get off your soapbox

Makes it very hard to shake hands

Or to walk in another’s shoes

Standing above everyone else

Knowing you are right

Claiming authority

Get off your soap box

It brings deafness to the ears

Difficult to hear another view

When the bullhorn is amplifying

Promoting your ideology

Your version of the truth

Get off your soap box

Helping others requires no shouts

A helping hand has no time for rising above

Busy hands only have time for lifting

Helping others move through the fray

Compassion is rarely found on the box

Get off your soap box






Wonderful utterances lighting the mind

Reaching into the soul driving emotions

Running down memory’s path with lightning speed

Synapses fusing past and present


Stirring our inner being

Springs of love and hate

Driving actions seemingly beyond our control

Bringing together pushing apart


Expressions of kindness

The balm of the soul from deep wells within

The water of life healing springs that ease the pain

Of loneliness rejection and loss


Triggers of desire and attraction

Turning on spigots of hormones

Flooding emotion drowning reason

Bathing in pools of mutual oneness


Whips and chains that bind the soul

Dashing hopes crushing dreams

Ruining self-confidence stealing security

Evil words from the pit of hell


Defining human kind

Separating animal from man

Allowing expression of mind and spirit

Finding common bonds and mutual sharing

In ways only God knows


Pboto: Dwight L. Roth

Living Joyfully


Beach silloute

This is a poem I posted earlier that brought a lot of good response. I thought I would repost it for those of you who are new to my blog. I hope you enjoy it  as well.

          The Oil of Gladness

Ever try celebrating when no one cares?

A big event a great surprise

Yet no one seems phased

Inside you are jumping up and down

Outside you are sliding on a splintered board

The oil of gladness

A necessary part of healthy living

Sharing joy with those who rejoice

Finding well-earned success

The oil of gladness

Celebrating with the child who comes in second

Eating over baked cookies with a smile

Finding joy in the little things of life

The oil of gladness

Makes every day run smoother

Seals relationships with a lasting bond

Love begins and ends

With the oil of gladness

Beach silloute

Photos: Dwight L. Roth