Trojan Horse

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The political debates rage on

Nasty politics as usual

Twists of truth filled with lies;

and we believe…

what we have already set in our minds

But, with every election

there come a Trojan Horse;

One of beauty and promise

captivating the minds of believers;

Promising they are on you side

The Trojan Horse of politics

doesn’t come sculpted in wood or stone;

Rather, ladened with sculpted words

carved and shaped to entice…

Believing there is nothing within them

that would change or harm us

Don’t be swayed by outward words.

Look deep into the sculpted belly

of hidden agendas and dark money;

Into the self-centered soul of the beast (politics)

that in the end will burst open

disillusion // and destroy us all!

Grant Park


On Election night November 8 2008 I watched into the night as Barack Obama was the first African American to ever be elected President of the United States of America.  Following the war torn Bush years I was ready, at that time, for his message of Hope and Change. As it became clear that he had won, Obama met with his followers in Grant park in Chicago. I wrote this poem that night as I watched America gather. By his second term, I became disillusioned with the kind of hope and change that actually came about. Even so, this was a historic and significant event no matter which political side you fall on. This is how I felt at that time.

Grant Park 2008 

I saw America gathered on a cold November night

Black and white, yellow and red with all blends in between

I saw America gathered together as one people…

Children of integration, people of hope, “silver spoons,” and ghetto moms 

I saw America gathered with joy in their hearts

College Students, blue collar workers, business men, and teachers 

I saw America gathered “One Nation Under God”

People of all faiths, people of no faith, all with hope for the future 

I saw America gathered a shining light to the world

Examples of hope, oneness, unity, and love, speaking with one voice 

I saw America gathered watching History being made

Bringing down walls of race and fear that for too long held us back 

I saw America gathered fulfilling ancestral dreams

Of Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King

I saw America gathered to let the whole world know

Those differences can be transcended and peace can be attained.

I saw America gathered and it made me very proud

To be part of this great country where every voice is heard

I saw America gathered and I prayed, that God

Would give our new president wisdom in the difficult path ahead 

I saw America gathered as Barack Obama spoke

With humility and pride, confidence and strength, wrapped in words of hope 

I saw America gathered eager for national change

Not black or white, rich or poor, simply Americans

…and nothing more!


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