Armor of Blame


Cold steel words now cover me head to toe.
I bind cold blame around my pierced body
Thinking it proves righteous indignation.
Not the first // mine will be the second blow
A fight to the death // my sword sharp words live;
Casting blow after cutting blow I charge…
Battle-scarred, bruised, and battered we retreat…
Alone // Would be easier to forgive?
Oh, no! … for I fight alongside Id and Ego;
Too much at stake to forgive your many sins.
Blame is my protection // choking my heart;
Stand and fight // I learned defense long ago!
Forgiveness // love // leaves me vulnerable;
I go down fighting // while I am able.

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today Frank , at d’Verse, asked us to write a poem that includes blame and forgiveness.  I wonder why we put ourselves through all the pain when forgiveness could save us the agony. It all comes down to being right! How could I forgive you if I am always right!!?? I believe this is the problem in our country as well.

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Hats Make All Men Equal

Dwight at Okracoke

Why do so many country singers wear hats? It’s not because they are rednecks or don’t have any manners. It’s because they are thinning on top or may be bald. They want to keep their young manly persona, so to hide the obvious they wear a hat. There are so many different hats to choose from. Hats becomes a distinguishing factor for many.

As my hair got thinner on top, I began to wear a hat. When I finally shaved the thinning fuzz off the top, I really appreciated wearing my hat, for when I had my hat on I knew no one would think about the fact that I was balding. I know some women like bald men and say that bald is beautiful, but I would guess that most men would disagree.


In the world of men

Hats make all men equal

Some men have hair

Others are not so endowed

Hair seems to be desired by many

Tiny implants planted

In the thinning bald spots

Trying to equalize past and present

Some men simply throw in the towel

Shaving it all off smooth as a bowling ball

Then there are old men

Who cannot accept the fact that it’s gone

So they let the little spiny bristles of gray

Twist and twerk all alone

On the vast desert of smooth skin

But to me it matters not

Whether one has hair

Or is thinning and gray

Simply wear a hat

For in a hat

All men are equal


Photo: Ruth A. Roth

Territorial Egos


After listening to what was happening in the political realm this morning, I could not help seeing the comparison between our President and these beautiful birds. See what you think as you view these rare shots!! They were too good to pass up!

After all these years of evolving,  the male apparently  still has not learned how to successfully communicate with the female!


He is often weak in his approach and then has to be dominate  in order to feel good about himself.  Past cultural norms have only reinforced this attitude.


When  confrontation occurs his first reaction is often defensive, trying to protect his fragile ego! He does not handle criticism very well.


It does not take long for tempers to flare. Accusations fly and everything is up in the air!


He is not happy until he has won the argument and totally humiliated his opponent. For some reason he can’t seem to let it rest and at times it spills out into the street!


Too bad he can seem to learn from strong self-confident females how to live, work, and share. No need to feel threatened.  Simply accept one another’s differences and enjoy each other’s company. She had no trouble sharing the feeder with the finches and sparrows.

Amazing what we can learn from the birds. These birds came to my feeder this morning. I am guessing that the cardinals are both immature (no pun intended) the colors are not fully developed. The female house finch just wanted to share the feeder in peace, but the male Cardinal would have none of that! He had to be king and run her off. I think he was quite surprised to see such a little bird stand her ground. It was a rare and wonderful site to see! Enjoy!!

Photos: Dwight L. Roth






Indispensable You


During my sophomore year in college I lived in the dorm on Third West Maplewood. It was a men’s dorm back then. One evening after classes were done a few of us were in the hallway when we saw a poem someone had posted on the bulletin board. It was listed as anonymous, but the words struck a chord with us and we began singing and making a tune to go with the words.  It was such a good word of wisdom that I remember it to this day.

Indispensable You

Sometimes when you’re feeling important

Sometimes when your ego’s way up

Sometimes when you take it for granted

That you are the prize winning pup


Sometimes when you feel that your absence

Would leave an unfillable hole

Just follow these simple instructions

And see how it humbles your soul


Take a bucket and fill it with water

Put your hand in it up to your wrist

Now pull it out fast and the hole that remains

Is the measure of how you’ll be missed


You may splash all you please as you enter

And stir up the water galore

But Stop and you’ll find in a minute

It is back where it was before





Ego vs. Self-respect


When someone takes advantage of me I become reactionary. I feel hurt and want to demand my rights. I am ready to stand my ground and say whatever comes into my head.  As the stalemate continues, bitterness entangles my spirit and enhances my feeling of entitlement. When my ego takes over self-respect takes a back seat.  In the end,  I do or say things I later regret. So, what is the solution?

Ego vs. Self-respect

Offence committed

Feeling hurt

Debt owed still unpaid

Ego demands respect

Rights and entitlement

Adrenalin pumping

Brain fog of bitterness

But wait…

It’s not all about me

Someone else’s choices

Egos and resistance

Complicate the mix

Understanding needed

Forgiveness brings freedom

Debt canceled paid in full

Mind at ease

Ego back in the cage

Now I can look in the mirror