Fuzzy Duckies

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A few years ago we visited my wife’s parents in Edmonton, Alberta. At the condo where they lived was a beautiful pond surrounded by a green grassy lawn. It was home to ducks and a Jack Rabbit who loved the fresh green grass. It was wonderful to see a mother duck with her nine little ducklings swimming in the pond.

Spring ducklings swimming

Follow mama round the pond

Jack Rabbit nibbles


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Photos: Dwight L. Roth


IMG_2477When we visited the Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton, AB last summer, we saw this statue sitting in the middle of the Temperate Climate Pyramid.  The smooth sculpture reminded me of the story of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden.

Adam and Eve naked

In the garden // picked a rose

No thorns // long smooth stems

Should have stuck with flowers red

Not with what the serpent said


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Edmonton, Alberta


How does one connect with a city of almost a million people?  It is not how many people live in this large city , but rather how many great people you connect with when you are there.   We have visited Edmonton many times over the past forty years. My wife grew up in Alberta and her parents moved at midlife to Edmonton.  The painting above shows the progression of their life form bush country of Calling Lake, to a house in the city, to a condo, and eventually to a care facility in the city. I did this painting in 2013, after we learned that her mother had a brain tumor and had to move to a care facility.

Edmonton Alberta

Gateway to the North

Fort McMurry and Calling Lake

Home of Loved ones past and present

Almost a million people

Travel streets and shovel sidewalks.

Where winter comes early

And spring comes late.

The Saskatchewan River winds among

Tall buildings // parks and bridges throughout.

Edmonton Oilers call it home…

Even though Wayne left for warmer climes

West Edmonton Mall the largest of all…

Amusement park // Water Park

Skating rink // all under one roof.

But the best part of all is the people…

Dear friends // and family make it worthwhile

Parent past // parent present

Memories of good times for one and all


Painting: Dwight L. Roth

Our prompt today, on d’Verse, is to write a poem about a city… a place we have lived, visited , or wish to visit.

Fading Shades of Gray

Mother and Dad

Fading Shades of Gray  (a Hai bun)

Watching my father-in-law’s mind fade from shades of gray to black evoked a lot of emotion.  It became noticeable to my wife and me when we visited her parents in 2009. Driving us across Edmonton to the Science Center, he got mixed up and forgot how to get there. Apparently this happened before, because Mother had written the directions for him on index cards. Later she told us that one day he came out to the parking deck, after volunteering at the hospital and could not find his car. She kept tabs on him until 2012 when she developed a brain tumor.

Giving up his keys and driving privileges it was very hard on him, but the hardest thing for him to understand was when they were in separate care facilities. He would ask about her over and over, and could not quite comprehend what was happening. After she died, he kept expecting her to return. He is now 90 and seems to have adjusted to his confinement, even telling friends who visit that they should try to get a room there as well. He tells them that they take good care of him there.

Winter brain cells fade

Short term mem’ry turns to black

“Helen, Where are you?”


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Bjorn, at d’Verse~Poetry Pub asked us to write a Hai bun using the word gray. I chose to write on the graying effects of Alzheimer’s on the brain.

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Minni 2016

Coming out of the Swiss Chalet restaurant after a great dinner, we came upon this Mini parked right beside our car.  Little cousin loved it.  He posed for me beside the drivers side door. It made the perfect match. Little boy…Little Mini. How cute!

A little boy’s dream

“Look daddy, a car that is my size!”

“Can we take it home?”


Photo: Dwight L. Roth – 2016




Fancy crow dressed in black and blue

Smart shrewd bird of colorful hue

Looking less priestly than his cousin

Recognizes himself in the big glass mirror

Brighter than others he’s not inferior

Know it’s him when he takes a peak


Loud and boisterous his piercing squawks

Strutting around with a swaggered walk

Bold and persistent to get with he wants

Edmonton’s squatter he lives out his days

Throughout frigid winters he does not go away

Scavenging the city mid traffic and steps


Photos: Dwight L. Roth



Jack Rabbit in the City


Look what we found in the middle of the city of Edmonton, Alberta Canada. On a trip to visit family a few years ago, we saw this Jack Rabbit living in the yard around the Condo. This was in the middle of May and he was just shedding his white winter coat for his brown summer one. A small pond with ducks and a yard full of grass gave him the shelter he needed. In a city of over a million people he has adapted to living along side of his human invaders.

Jack Rabbit in the City

In the cold Alberta Northland

Jack Rabbit lives close at hand

Near a pond with little Mallard ducks

In the city next to cars and trucks

Trims the grass all summer long

Enjoys the green with the summer throng

Bad weather’s coming cold and snow

Fatten up while he can before 40 below

Don’t know what he eats in that situation

Eat all he can now is his only mission

Jackie looks for a new fur coat

Winter is coming and that’s no joke

Pulls out the old coat throws it away

A sleek new white one is his today

No protestors complaining about his new fur

He’ll blend right in that’s what it’s for

On a white blanket of glistening snow

He’ll blend right in he’s good to go


Photo: Dwight L. Roth