Matter & Consciousness


Running barefoot in the stream of consciousness
I bang my toes on all sorts of matter
It got me to thinking
“What came first… matter or consciousness?”
Solids, liquids, gasses,
or the conscious presence of the Spirit
When it comes to you and me
it seems pretty easy to decide;
Consciousness enters at conception
and departs at death…
dust to dust and ashes to ashes
and the spirit goes back
to God who gave it.
All we are is inert matter without consciousness
Just dust and bones
Life/living is a stream of consciousness
Amazing how fast our matter turns back to dust
without the flow of the Spirit within us.
When it comes to the universe
consciousness seems to be the guide
behind all that happens to matter.
Patterns, organization, gravity, magnetism
Keeping everything in sync;
Consciousness before life…
consciousness during life…
consciousness after life…
We are all part of the flow
of the spirit of the universe

Photo: Dwight Roth

Grain of Sand


When I think of the vastness of the universe, I wonder at my own insignificance. We all ask the question, “Why am I here?” What Is my Purpose?” “Is there life after death?”  Unanswerable questions run through our mind as we live our life. As a person of faith, I believe God is the creator who gives me purpose and a reason to live and serve others. This poem looks at, not only our insignificance in the greater scheme of things. but  at the purpose for which we were created and exist.

Grain of Sand

Am I just a grain of sand

On the beach of the cosmos

Glinting now and then in the sunlight

As the waters of life wash over me

Am I just a grain of sand

Cemented together by heat and pressure

Metamorphic marble creating the beauty

Contrasting with all others around me

Am I just a grain of sand

Covering surrounding and preserving

Things to be uncovered in eons to come

Sedimentary fossils of the past perfectly saved

Am I just a grain of sand

Identity lost along with others

Melted and spewed out by volcanic forces

Life so intense all individuality gone

Ending in translucent crystal of beauty

Am I just a grain of sand

Crushed and pulverized in the milieu

Gathered wet and smooth on the potter’s wheel

Molded and shaped into a whole

Much greater than myself

Only to be fired transformed hardened

Into a useful creation

Made for a purpose

Defined and fixed

By the Potter’s hand

Only to be broken in time

And returned to dust

While my spirit

Lives on into eternity


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Form to Dust

Grave Marker 001

I watched this week as a controversial statue of a Confederate Civil War Soldier was taken done from a high pedestal. The statue was just a piece of metal, but to some it was a symbol of racism, oppression, and slavery, while others viewed it as a symbol of Southern Heritage. In both cases, the controversy was in the spirit of what it represented.  We hang on to symbols and figures to remind us of those gone before, but the spirit of their life is what we really honor. That spirit continues through the generations to come. It should remind us that both hate and love can be passed on. It is up to us to decide how we will be remembered.

Form to Dust

Why try so hard to give form to dust

It has already been done at our creation

Dust returns to dust and form is gone

Still we cling the image we remember

The one it once was before life left

Even the preacher says form returns

When the time is right in the heavens

All reforming in a twinkling moment of temporary reality

Thinking identity of spirit will be found there

Cremation to me seems the harshest of realities

Dust returns to dust and the form is gone

Is it really dust and form we choose to recall

Or rather the life and spirit that drove it

Form is just a statue on a short lived pedestal

A star in the personal walk of fame

Here today and lost forever in time

Perhaps dug up in eons to come

A bone or two here and there to save

Speculations of life and spirit long gone

One’s life and one’s spirit live on for ever

Cloned spirits in the genes of generations to come

So search for the spirit of which you were born

Live well the life that continues beyond dust and form

We are not meant to be wax figures in a museum of time

We are life and light the breathe of God

His image passed on for generations to come


Photo: Dwight L. Roth