Doves in Winter

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It is always interesting to me when people feel the need to put little jackets on their dogs or blankets over the backs of horses. I may be totally uninformed, but I think,  “Why would you do that?  What about all the other creatures in nature that spend all winter in the freezing cold. They all adapt to the temperature changes with thick hides and hair or fluffed up feathers and a high metabolism rate that keeps them comfortable. The dove above sits on my deck rail, right in the snow, and seems to be quite comfortable as he watches me eat my breakfast. You can see all those fluffed up feathers insulates him very well!

Mourning dove eyes me

eating my breakfast cereal

Not phased by cold snow


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Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Homeless Doves Gather

EER_0515 (4).JPGDoves, fluffed up, gather
on my leafless grape arbor
Soaking up sunshine.
Two Turtle Doves adorn a
lifeless tree with three French Hens.
Christmas  approaches
As our mad world rushes by
with no thought of why!
A baby in a manger
brings hope to a hopeless world.

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Lara, at d’Verse, asked us to consider the word less as we write our poem. She gave us a list of words that had less as the suffix less. We were to choose at least one or more of them for our poem.

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I discovered the Dove Nebula this evening. No it is not in outer space, it is on my sliding glass door. As the sun moves lower in the our hemisphere, it reveals things in different ways. A dove hit my door again the other day and left this oil mark on the glass. It was not nearly as pronounced as the one I had six months ago, until this evening. The sun was catching the splotch just right. I loved the way it reflected on the glass. I am amazed the way birds seeing a mirrored reflection of the woods will fly right into the window. Sometimes we do the same thing in life. This is my inspiration and reflection.


Mirror images reflect back

False illusions of safe passage

Wishing can sometimes distort reality

Twisting perception

Creating mirage visions

Seeing only desired images

Plunging full speed ahead

Toward wishful vistas

Floating free

No danger in sight



Crashing head on

Into the mirror of unreality

Stunned and shaken

I gather my senses

Take a second look

Shed false illusions

Distinguish true from false

Move forward with awareness

Comprehending mirage from reality

Knowing the difference


Photos: Dwight L. Roth