Waiting for Mist to Rise

EER_0696 (3).JPGBeyond the mist the sun is smiling
Waiting for it to lift
The cool damp blanket of morning dew
Hanging on every stick
The flowers drink in the fluid of life
Standing shiny and slick
Lifting their petals in thanks to God
For the refreshing drink he gives
EER_0689 (3)
When the fog sets in and clouds your view
Accept it with gratitude
Consider it a time of healing
Waiting for the sun to burst through
In those inner moments as things close in
Our view seems not quite so clear
Let faith grow strong // cement your bond
Know the sun will shine through


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Mind Condensation


Mind Condensation

Early dawn of a new day reveals the cool of night

Warm winds of ideas flow through my mind

Across the cold folds of thought

Coming together in drops of inspiration

Collecting in every crevasse of memory


Enhancing ruminating resident thoughts

A condensing intersection of ideas and inspiration

Hugging one another with a common bond

Dampening the memory with lucid clarity


Flowing into pen or key as thought inspires

A treasure of beauty logos on paper

Transferred quickly before it evaporates

In the morning rise of the overwhelming light


Photos From Grandfather Mountain, NC:  Dwight L. Roth