The Sleeping Giant

A Sleeping Giant

Lies breathing between continents

In and out its chest rises and falls

A Shrek of a guy most of the time

Children and adults float

Bouncing on his crest

Squealing with delight

On bubbles of air

But beware

Of the Ides of October

When tossing and turning

Nightmares return

Thrashing coughing

Scaring all who once played on his chest

Fear and trepidation

Waters rise

Winds howl

Floods come up

Big Blow AKA Delta

Brings Halloween early

All Tricks

No Treats

Wide awake

Nightmare passes

Giant sleeps once more

Fans have nowhere to lay their heads


Photos Dwight L. Roth

Big Blow…

Trump forcast (2)
Dorian blew through
Spent time in the Bahamas
Wreaked havoc on all
A windstorm like no other
Finally headed up the coast
President misspoke
Drew lines clear to Alabam’
New Media jumped on it
Over and over they slammed
Dorian crept on
Ocracoke and Hatteras
Storm surge rolled inland
Never did reach Alabam’
Headed on to Newfoundland
President’s drawing
Still making news every day
Does anyone care
News Media won’t let it go
Trump’s sketch book making history

Our Haikai prompt from Frank Tassone today is windstorm. As we watched Hurricane Dorian take its time moving out of here, we are in awe of the damage mother nature can do when a huge hurricane moves through! In the middle of it all, the News Media made a big adieu of President Trumps home-made prediction. that it could possibly go inland as far as Alabama. His hand drawn sketch should have been taken with a grain of salt. Instead, the news broadcasts making drama will help it go down in the history books! How silly!!! This is my attempt at Renga humor about it all.

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Picture from Bing images


Soul Glaciers

My heart sheds itself

A glacial calving


Into an ocean

Of salty tears

Children dying

Barrels of hell


Unfortunate souls

In their wake

Ghost towns appear

Cavernous emptiness

Gaping mouths of

Fear, dust, and concrete

Atrocities of power


The world goes ‘round

I bend my knees

My heart cries, “Why!!”

I crawl into my warm bed


Glacier Photo:

Our prompt for d”verse poetry group today is to write a poem using metaphors in a way that expresses a feeling without actually saying what that feeling is. The reader is supposed to tell what feeling came across to him/her as they read the poem.

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Peace for You and Me


My wish for the new year is that we could learn to live in peace with one another. We have had a year of division and strife in this country and around the world. Power and control seem to be what many desire. But for me, I would love to see the world learn to be more accepting of others loving each other as God loves, extending the hand of grace to all. We can blow ourselves to kingdom come, but real Peace does not come from power, rather from Love and Compassion.


Can peace come from a heart of fear?

From the hand clinched tightly in defense

Trying to save what is already lost


Only from a heart of Love!

Selfless love that is sacrificial

Knowing that it may mean

the end of one’s self

for the sake of another

A heart that does not grasp

But rather opens the hand of God

to one in need

So that all may live in Peace


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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Earth’s Sleeping Giant


Visiting the ocean is like visiting a sleeping volcano! No one expects either to blow when we are looking from the edge. But, the ocean like the volcano should never be taken for granted. They can both erupt with tremendous power in a very short time. I wrote this poem when Hurricane Matthew came blowing up the coast. The Sleeping giant rolled over and woke up for a time and those in its path paid the price.

The Sleeping Giant

A Sleeping Giant

Lies breathing between continents

In and out its chest rises and falls

A Shrek of a guy most of the time

Children and adults float

Bouncing on his crest

Squealing with delight

On bubbles of air

But beware

Of the Ides of October

When tossing and turning

Nightmares return

Thrashing coughing

Scaring all who once played on his chest

Fear and trepidation

Waters rise

Winds howl

Floods come up

Big Blow AKA Matthew

Brings Halloween early

All Tricks

No Treats


Photo: Dwight L. Roth



Nags Head Shipwreck 001

Old ship bones lie buried and rotten
Reflecting a story that’s long forgotten
Symbol of strength
Pride of the ocean
An ill fate soon to be gotten
Flag blowing from the high mast
White billowing sails
Long days on the wide open ocean
Casting their fates t’will soon be too late
As the sun goes to sleep without motion

Port of call on islands across the Caribbean
With many wild stories to tell
Rum and Sugar and maybe some gold
With pirates hot on their tail
Drinking sweet rum in the late evening sun
Singing songs of women with assets
Dead heads in the morning pounding their skulls
Trying to find a way to get past it

Red sky that morning gave an ominous warning
Of danger north of Hatteras
Straight into the gale without any quale
She drove as the storm came at us
If they’d been there before we don’t know for sure
They surely did not remember
Since they rode without fear on this ghost ship of death
Into the ill-fated storm of September
Gargantuan waves crashed over the bow
Drowning out the sailors’ last cry
Cargo and ship sank into the dip
As the cane of September swept by


Pounded and broken the ship in a swoon
Without sailor or cargo or sail
Everything had been cast the ship heaved its last
To lie in its grave in the dunes

For the next hundred years entombed in the sand
It took its rest without moving
Until a cane of October came washing over
Leaving open its coffin for viewing
Now families with children climb high on the dunes
Assuming but never knowing
Ships’ bones tell no tales
That’s left to me
And my imagination’s still growing

Nags Head Shipwreck 001

Nags Head, NC Shipwreck photo: Dwight L. Roth

Painting – All is Lost: Dwight L. Roth

Picture Perfect Life


Watching the heartbreaking destruction as Hurricane Irma comes barreling toward Miami, Florida, we all wonder who will be next on her list. Such destructive power reminds us that we are not in charge here. Nature’s fury can change our lives in a very short time. One of the proverbs says we make our plans, but God determines the outcome. This has proved to be true time and time again!  Thanks to my granddaughter Molly for her skill in making today’s picture.

Most would like a picture perfect life

A house with a white picket fence

Family and kids playing in the yard

Flowers growing in the flower bed

A safe neighborhood with good schools

A car, a job, and good friends and neighbors

All the things in the American Dream

Just when we thought all was calm and bright

Along comes  Wild Harvey and Nasty Irma followed by Bully Jose

Pushing their way uninvited through neighborhoods

Raining down havoc tearing up everything in reach

Many will have to rebuild, start over, or give up

Life happens when we have other plans


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Etch-a-sketch picture done by twelve year old Molly Roth




Wind & Humans


Wind & Humans

Where does the wind get its strength

Acting just like us humans

A soft breeze especially pleasant

Caresses our face on a late summer evening

How then can the wind roar and moan

As it passes through the trees outside my house

Passive winds transformed into terrible giants

Throwing temper tantrums shrieking high notes

Why the anger in its voice as it flails about

Breaking limbs twisting treetops uprooting oaks


It all comes down to hot air just like us

The cold resistance meeting the hot head of thunder

Just like we humans the wind reacts to hot air

As the thunderheads build power increases

Till it just can’t take it any more just like us

All hail breaks loose as outbursts violently erupt

Where hot heads and frigid hearts meet trouble resides

Demanding tearing up everything in sight blowing off steam

Just like some humans who just can’t take it anymore


Last night a huge front came through with strong winds and rain. The wind took out the giant oak that sat in the yard at the entrance of our community. After it blew over we could see that the center was rotten and hollow.  The strength of the wind is amazing. So volatile and unpredictable, just like humans.

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Scars on the Landscape of Man


Hiroshima and Nagasaki were sad scars on the Landscape of Man. Death and destruction are occurring daily in Syria and Iraq. When I think of the travesties of war that have been done over the years, I wonder when we will ever learn. Destroying one another does nothing to help this world become a better place. The struggle of good and evil is always with us. It is our responsibility to make choices that do not leave scars on the landscape of man.

Scars in the landscape of Man

What drives us to hate and kill our brothers

Is it the power being in control of others

Being the bully ‘cause we know we can

Spreading hurt and pain throughout the land

When will we learn to live in peace

When we help each other wars will cease

Instead men are bent on revenge and aggression

Of religion and truth and major suppression

Controlling the world creating oppression

It’s time we realize there’s a better way

Loving caring and watching what we say

Realizing there’s a future in history of man

With a good life in peace lending a helping hand

Imperialistic control demands that we fight

Creating hell and destruction sending everyone in flight

Destroying the lives of many young men

Leaving scars on the landscape of man


Photo of Hiroshima bombing disaster: