How would you describe your words. Are they building and encouraging or do the cut and tear people down.  At this time of the year it is important to build relationships and avoid the critical and judgmental attitudes. Have a great family time. Focus on the positive.

Some like Legos building
Foundations tight and strong
Holding us together
Whatever comes along
Built to last almost any assault

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Some like Dominos
Where the least little thing
Sets them off ranting and raving
Running on till they destroy
all that had been set up before


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Collective Lies


Collective Lies

Like sun rays through the magnifying glass

Burning holes in the leaves or paper

Collective lies come together for ill

Joining forces inflaming all who hear

Vortex of unquenchable heat and hate

Intensity meant to burn and destroy

Truth distorted by extreme magnification

No longer life giving light or hope

Only heat and death to all who imbibe

Intoxicated by their recreated sun

Beware of collective lies

Stealing your peace leaving you undone

Burning holes in your soul