Christmas Love

Unpacking Christmas a box of loving gifts

Full of sweet memories that bring me a lift

Remembering my students’ love shared with me

Ornaments of beauty to hang on my tree

A shiny brass apple with name and date

A stained glass window made on a plate

Homemade Rudolph made with clothes pins

Cotton ball snowman and angels with wings

So many memories from yesteryear

Much love remembered sweet and clear

Grandchildren come to help each year

Oohing and awwing is what I hear

And I smile remembering back on those days

When love was shown in so many ways

My tree’s not filled with bought decorations

But a tree filled with love from a past generation

And when it’s all over we’ll pack them away

Storing the love for another Christmas day

I treasure the gratitude each one brings today

Feeling the love that will never goes away

This poem was published in the Old Mountain Press poetry and prose anthology, Enjoy the Holidays. If you have an Amazon Kindle subscription, you can read it for free at:

The Lore of Chrismas

IMG_0589 (2).JPG

When we were visiting the Oregon Coast, we saw this set of bushes decorated with every kind of float you could imagine. They won’t need to decorate for Christmas. This colorful display will do just fine!

Colorful floats shine

calling for Christmas to come

Kids dream of Santa


Photo: Dwight L. Roth



When I was a child I loved the decorations on the Christmas Tree. This was back when we decorated with silver icicles, garlands, and lights as big as my thumb. I always admired my neighbors tree. They decorated the tree with balls and lights and then covered the bottom with angel hair. Poetry is special like that full of light and bigger than life.


Poetry garlands

Words strung together

Decorating the tree of my mind

Joy and pain entwined memories

Reminding me of events passed

Sparkly words tingling and jingling

Filling my brain with glitter and shine

Words of comfort sadness and inspiration

Winding gently over the bows

Limb to limb garlands of present and past

Entwined through the light of my life

Reflecting shimmering memories

That I will always want to keep


Contributed Photo: Audrey Hartzler Eby


Ornaments of Love


I taught elementary school  for 29 years. At Christmas some of my students and fellow teachers brought Christmas ornaments to give me . It was always special to get these gifts from them. Over the years I have collected quite a few, which I added to my tree. As a result I have never had to buy decorations. I simply hang all of their gifts of love on my tree and remember the smiling faces of those who cared enough to share them with me.

This is not a poem today, but rather a few of the gifts I received over the years. Some of the ornaments like this stamp have the date stamped on them. The picture above was from 1982.  This was from 1977 when postage was only 13 cents!















Some like this one were homemade ornaments.



Each Christmas my grandchildren come and help decorate our tree. They really enjoy looking at each one and placing it in a special place on the tree.


Photos: Dwight L.Roth

Christmas Overload


A good friend of mine loves to decorate for Christmas. As you can see, they have lights and figures everywhere. It lights up their whole corner in the neighborhood. I had to think about the hope, peace,  and good cheer that Christmas lights and figurines represent. The meaning of Christmas goes deeper than the superficial celebration of Happy Holiday. This poem attempts to sum that up for you.

Christmas Overload

Cobwebs of lights on the windows and eves

Strung through the front yard filled with leaves

Santa’s on the roof top glowing fat and red

Baby Jesus all wrapped up and tucked into bed


Stars and snowflakes with strings of lights

Bring Christmas overload to the yard tonight

Every inch from the porch to the edge of the street

Covered with lights on every shrub twig and leaf

From the top of the roof to the bottom of the bush


The sparkling lights are every child’s wish

But there is more to be said for Christmas time

Than tinsel and lights and brass bells that chime

It’s the Light of the World bringing love to all men

With grace and forgiveness and coming again

Without love shared there is no peace on earth

So forget the overload and for what it’s worth

Rejoice in the real meaning of Christmas today

Don’t get caught up in the rat race and melee


Photos: Dwight L. Roth