Everything stops as lights blink red

We wait under ominous dark clouds

for the light to turn green

Instead it turns a flashing yellow

Warning us to take caution

As we move through life’s intersection

An accident here can be deadly

Slowly the line begins to move

Seeing the light break in the clouds

Bringing hope of lifting clouds

and brighter days ahead


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

A stream of consciousness poem

Timber Rattlers

Timber Rattlers Terry Showalter Photo (2)

The deadly lie in the warm sunshine
just outside their rocky lair // entwined;
Two appear as one // tightly wrapped;
Rattles shake // warning all to stay away.
Beady eyes fix on the intruder’s focus;
iPhone clicks away as undulating coils squirm
Better keep away from these poisonous vipers;
The risk is not worth a new pair of boots.
Some trophies are better left as photos…
“Live and Let Live” //  “Tread on me and Die!”


Photo: Terry Showalter

Terry came upon this pair while logging in the mountains of Central Pennsylvania. There were two Timber Rattlers wrapped up together.  With his smartphone, he was able to get this great photo, and then get on with his work. Terry gave me permission to use this photo in my blog.






You can’t see it
But you definitely know it’s there.
Pain // a part of all our lives
Comes in so many facets
Permeating our total being
Keeps us safe // warning us of danger
Partners with guilt // drives us crazy
Takes over our thoughts in grief and loss
Pain // that elusive symptom
Doctors can’t prove it exists
Must take our word for it
Lawyers love it // raking in the dough
Pain // a destructive and deadly force
Keeps reliving past words // events and
Mistakes we made //orders we followed
Accidents we were part of // deaths that resulted
Pain //our invitation to addiction
Demanding more and more // never enough
Destroying us from the inside out
Eventually taking our very life
Pain // the illusion of life we can feel


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, we were asked to write a poem about unseen things.  This covers a very broad spectrum. I chose pain. It is such an elusive thing, but for the person experiencing it the pain is very real!

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